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1) What are Benz Trade Tips?

2)  Is it a Good Idea to Pre-heat Softwash Biocides?

3)  Biological Growths that Soft Washing can Either Kill or Control

4)  How to Soft Wash Street Facing Properties

5)  How Long Will a Softwash Treatment Last ? (video) 

6)  How to Soft Wash Slippery & Rotting Decking

7) Best Ways to Soft Wash Tennis Courts

8)  How Effective is Soft Washing Compared to Power or Pressure Washing?

9)  Do Water Repellent Sealers Help Control Biological Growths?

10) What's the Most Effective Way to Soft Wash Wall Render?

11) Soft Washing a Roof – Handy Tips

12) Soft Washing Block Paving Paths and Drives

13) Benz Bio Cleanze Controls Moss – is That True?

14) Do You Need a Power/Pressure Washer to Get Started in Soft Washing?

What's the Difference Between Tornado Cleanze and Lightning Cleanze? 

16)  To Use Bio Cleanze or to Use Lightning Cleanze – that is the Question (video)

17) Let this Video Explain to Your Customers What Soft Washing is (video)

18) Beware: Not all Biocides are as Effective as Benz Bio Cleanze

19) How to Soft Wash Gravestones and Headstones

20) How Easy is it to Try Soft Washing? (video)

21) How to Soft Wash Steel Cladding eg Kingspan Cladding (video)

22) When Should You Use Benz Lighting Cleanze or Bio Cleanze? (video)

23) Does Lightning Cleanze Produce Hydrochloric Acid on Render? (video)

24) Why is it Important to Allow Time for Benz Bio Cleanze to Work?

25) The Benz Softwash Render Cleaning & Maintenance Manual

26) How to Soft Wash a Zinc Coated (galvanised) Roof & Zinc Flashing 

27) How Soft Wash Contractors Can Work Legally within Government Regulations - Part 1

28) How Soft Wash Contractors Can Work Legally within Government Regulations - Part 2

29) How to Soft Wash Tarmac

30) Can Weedkillers be Mixed with Softwash Biocides?

31) How Long Can I Store Diluted Benz Bio Cleanze?

32) Soft washing for Water Fed Pole Window Cleaners (video)

33) Soft washing chemical run-off and drains – the environmental impact (video)

34) How Can You Prevent Marks Remaining on Render After Soft washing? (video)

35) The Four Techniques of Soft Washing (video)

36)  How to Soft Wash Canvas (video)

37)  How to Keep Humans and Animals Safe when Soft Washing? (video)

38)  Do Benz Biocides Stay in the Soil? (video)

39)  Use Benz Videos to Promote Your Soft Washing Business (video)

40)  Can moss be killed and controlled by soft washing? (video)

41)  How to Remove Lichen (including "black spot") from Concrete, Tiles and Brick by Soft Washing? (video)

42) What's the Best Way to Remove Algae by Soft washing? (video)

43) How to Calculate the Coverage of Benz Softwash Biocides? (video)

44) Soft washing Roofs the Benz Way (video)

45) Benz Roof Moss Scrapers - the Fastest & Easiest way to Remove Moss from Roofs (video)

46) Best Ways to Soft Wash Wood - Timber structures

47) What's the Best and Safest Way to Clean Solar Panels?

48) What are the Unique Problems Associated with Soft Washing Man-made Roof Slates? (Part One) (video) 

49) Why you Should Never Direct Soft Washing Run-off into a Septic tank or Reed Bed

50) When to Pressure Wash – and When Not to Pressure Wash

51) Why is it Important for Soft Washing Contractors to be Familiar with COSHH, REACH and Other Soft washing Regulations?

52) What's the Best Way to Soft wash uPVC facia, soffit, gutters, doors, windows & Painted Surfaces? (video)

53) How to Keep Pets & Children Safe When Soft Washing

54) How-to Tips for Using Benz Oxy Cleanze to Remove Oxidation from Lead

55) 9 Simple Steps to Get More High Paying Customers for Your Soft Washing Business

56) How to Clean Sh Stains from Lead Flashing using Benz Oxy Cleanze

57) How to Quickly & Easily Remove Rust Stains from Render with Benz Oxy Cleanze

58) How to Rapidly Remove Rust Stains from Paintwork Using Benz Oxy Cleanze

59) How to Remove Rust Stains from Steel and Aluminium Industrial Cladding

60) How to Easily & Quickly Price for Soft Washing a Tarmac Drive?

61) Soft Washing Boats – Have You Considered this Huge Market?

62) How to Clean Rust Stains from Stainless Steel – a Problem Solved

63) How to Remove Limescale (Calcium Carbonate) from Window Glass (video)

64) Problem: Algae Re-colonised a Concrete Slabbed Patio after Soft Washing

65) How to Soft Wash Man-made (Composite, Artificial) Fibre Cement Roof Tiles (Part Two)

66) How to Make Your Soft Washing Business a Repeat Business

67) A Simple but Highly Effective Way to Get More Soft Washing Customers

68) How to Price High and Still Get More Customers

69) Belief: Tale of Two Businesses

70) Understanding the Complex (and Expensive) World of Softwash Product Approvals

71) How Can You Make Easy Money Soft Washing – and Have Happy Customers?

72) How to Protect Yourself from Dishonest (or Mistaken) Soft Washing Customers

73) What are the Most Effective Ways to Soft Wash Red Algae Stains from Wall Render?

74) How Long after Applying Benz Bio Cleanze Can a Surface be Painted?

75) How Do You Soft Wash Wet Pour Safety Surfaces and Keep Children Safe?

76) Soft Washing in Hot Weather

77) Why Soft Wash a Surface with Benz Lightning Cleanze and Benz Bio Cleanze?

78) How to Soft Wash Slipways for Launching Boats

79) Should you "Spot Treat" with Lightning Cleanze after Applying Bio Cleanze?

80) Is Telephone Marketing for Soft Washing – Legal or Illegal?

81) How Much, and When, should you Invest in Softwash Equipment?

82) How Can You Evaluate Benz Biocides Compared With "Cleaning" Products?

83) Do You Know What That "Chlorine" Smell Actually Is?

84) Should You Scrape Moss from a Roof Before Soft Washing?

85) Cleaning Heavy Black Algae and Lichen Stain/Growths is Now a Problem of the Past!

86) How to Soft Wash Natural and Man-made Stone

87) What's the Fastest and Least Expensive Way to Soft Wash Render? (video)

88) Soft Washing and Leaded Glass Windows

89) What's the Optimum Temperature for Applying Benz Bio Cleanze?

90) Why – and how – do we clean our customers gutters? (video)

91) Are Benz Softwash Cleaning Products Eco-friendly?

92) Can You use Benz Bio Cleanze for Soft Washing uPVC Windows, Doors, Gutters, Facia and Soffit? 

93) How to Remove Rust Stains from Painted Metal and Wood

94) Best Practices for Soft Washing Sandstone

95) How to Soft Wash Man-made Artificial Roof Slates (video) 

96) How to Prevent Harm to Plant Life when Soft Washing (video)

97) How to Remove Rust Stains from Painted Render (video)

98) How to Soft Wash Sand and Cement Render

99) What is the Law Regarding Wearing Personal Protective Clothing (PPE) when Soft Washing?

100) How to Tell your Customers about Stains Remaining after Soft Washing – and Keep Them as Customers

101) How to Soft Wash Thatched Roofs

102) Capillary Action – the Power Behind Benz Bio Cleanze

103) Why is it usually Best Practice to apply Benz Bio Cleanze after Benz Lightning Cleanze?

104) Should you "Spot Treat" with Lightning Cleanze after Soft Washing with Bio Cleanze?

105) How to Stop Run-off from Soft Washing Roofs Polluting Water Butts & Rainwater Harvesting Systems

106) Should Windows and Window Frames be Masked when Soft Washing?

107) Will Benz Softwash Products Harm Rubber and Metal Trim around Windows and Doors?

108) Would I use "Through Colour Render" on my own Property? (video)

109) What's the Best Way to Soft Wash Industrial Cladding? (video)

110) Watch Ben Show the Self-cleansing Effect of Benz Bio Cleanze (video)

111)  Soft Washing Painted Sand & Cement Render with Benz Bio Cleanze (video)

112) Time-lapse Video of Benz Bio Cleanze Cleaning a Roof Over Time (video) 

113) Soft Washing uPVC clad Metal Roof (video)

114) Can Surfactants be Safely Added to Benz Biocides?

115) Why Can Some Surfaces Temporarily Turn Orange After Soft Washing? (video)

116) How to Soft Wash Pebble Dash (aka Dry Dash) Wall Render With Bio Cleanze

117) Why Pressure (aka Jet, Power) Washing a Roof is NOT a Good Idea

118) How to Soft Wash Caravans and Mobile Homes

119) The Fastest and Most Profitable way to Learn Professional Soft Washing (video)

120) How Can You Prevent "Clean Streaks" on a Tarmac Path When Soft Washing Render? (video) 

121) How to Soft Wash Wet Dash Wall Render

122) Questions Our Customers Ask About Soft Washing – Answered 01 

123) Your Soft Washing Questions – Answered - 02

124) Questions we are Asked about Soft Washing – Answered 03

125) How to Remove Rust Stains from Stainless Steel (video)

126) Soft Washing Concrete Paths & Drives with Tornado Cleanze

127) Softwash Equipment: Our Softwashing Van – Part 1 - Planning (video)

128) Softwash Equipment: Our Softwashing Van – Part 2 – Preparation (video)

129) Softwash Equipment: Our Softwashing Van – Part 3 – Waterproofing (video)

130) Softwash Equipment: Our Softwashing van – Part 4 – Installation (videoV

131) Softwash Equipment: Our Softwashing Van – Part 5 – (coming)

132) Softwash Equipment: Our Softwashing Van – Part 6 – (coming)

132) How to Rinse Benz Oxy Cleanze Safely and Effectively

133) What's the Most Effective Way to Rinse Dry Dash (Pebble Dash) Render after Soft Washing?

134) Ben Demonstrates the Best Soft Washing Equipment for Treating Roofs

135) When Should You Tell Customers about Shadow Staining Remaining after Soft Washing?

136) How to Convert Your Water Fed Pole to a Power/Pressure Washing Pole (video)

137) Do You Know Why We Add IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) to Bio Cleanze?

138) Soft Washing High Reach Wall Render (video)

139) Are Pencil Jets or Fan Jets best to use in Soft Washing Brushes?

140) How to Set up a Water Fed Pole Valve for Soft Washing (video) 

141) Should You Add a Surfactant or Scent to Benz Biocides?

142) What are the Advantages of Lightning Cleanze over Industrial Sodium Hypochlorite (sh, hypo) 
143) What's the Best Way to Clean Windows, uPVC frames, Gutters, Facia & Soffit?

144) How to Protect Lead Flashing & Roofs when Soft Washing (video)

145) How to Soft Wash Natural Slate Roofs (video)

146) How to Safely Soft Wash Asbestos Roof Slates, Tiles & Sheeting

147) How to Quickly & Effectively Soft Wash Pebble Dash Wall Render (video)

148) How to Use Benz Tornado Cleanze to Treat Lichen Stains on Wall Render (video)

149) How to Soft Wash Resin Bonded/Bound Driveways

150) Can You Use Lightning Cleanze to Clean Metal Street and Shop Signs?

151) What to do if it Rains after Soft Washing with Benz Bio Cleanze?

152) Blackened Window Sills and Sapping Stones - do you Know How to Soft Wash Them?

153) External Wall Insulation Cladding: Do you Know the Best Softwash Products to Clean it?

154) Is it ok to Pressure/Power Wash Bricks and Clay Roof Tiles?

155) What is the Best Treatment of Efflorescence on Brick and Wall Render?

156) Do you Know How to Prepare Krend Through-Colour Render for Painting?

157) Do You Know How to Soft Wash Walls Covered in Ivy, Without Killing the Ivy? 

158) Do You Know the Best Time of Year to Soft Wash Concrete Paths & Patios?

159) How to Run a Soft Washing Business in Cold Winter Weather

160) How to Soft Wash Lime Wall Render ("limewash")

161) How to Soft Wash Red Algae if it Turns Pink, Yellow or Orange

162) How to Soft Wash Concrete Roof Tiles 

163) Why can White Patches Appear on Soft Washed Pebble-dash Render?

164) Soft Washed Roofs: How Long Will They Stay Clean?

165) Why is it Important to Stop Soft Washing Run-off Entering Drains?

166) Should Through-colour/Pre-coloured Render be Painted? (video)

167) How to Clean Pattern Imprinted / Stamped / Textured Concrete

168) Is it Legal to Advertise Soft Washing as "Eco-friendly?

169) What Chemicals are Safe for Listed (Historic / Heritage) Buildings?

170) What are the Soft Washing Uses & Advantages of Tornado Cleanze?

171) Can Soft Washing Chemicals Damage Climbing Ropes?

172) Can Soft Washing Damage Self-cleaning Conservatory Glass?

175) What's the Best Way to Soft Wash Wood Decking?

176) Soft Washing Render: Painted, Pre-paint prep & Painting

177) Minimise "Chemical Rain" When Cleaning Gutters, Facia & Soffit

178) Should you use Rust Cleanze or Oxy Cleanze to treat rust & remove rust stains?

179) The Zapplicator: Benz unique softwash application system


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