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Benz Biocidal Wash soft wash DDAC biocideBenz Biocidal Wash is as strong as it's possible for a soft wash biocide of its type to be.

Your customers will be glad to know that is approved by the Irish and UK governments – and is fully compliant with all REACH, PCD and HSE regulations.

Biocidal Wash has
50% active ingredient, is Ph neutral, and is unaffected by hard or mineralised water.

Its "residual biocide" effect helps prevent re-colonisation by biological growths, ensuring your customer's surfaces remain clean for a considerable time following your work. This is of course excellent for getting you more referrals.

You can use Biocidal Wash as a stand alone soft wash solution, or as a post-treatment following power washing and/or soft wash cleaning with Blackwash.

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Benz Blackwash sodium hypochlorite soft wash biocideBenz Blackwash is a unique, highly effective, sodium hypochlorite based soft wash biocide that you can use for most exterior hard surface cleaning.

Your environmentally aware customers will be re-assured that it does not bioaccumulate – and that even the powerful surfactant we use as part of the formula is fully biodegradable.

Blackwash is the only sodium hypochlorite based soft wash biocide that has full government approval from:

  • The Irish PCD (Pesticide Control Division)

  • The UK HSE (Health & Safety Executive)

The simple fact that you are using Blackwash makes an excellent selling point when you tender for a contract.

You can confidently tell your customers that it is the only government approved biocide of it's kind that is fully compliant with all REACH, PCD and HSE regulations. Their insurance company and H&S department will love you!

Blackwash comes ready-mixed as a specialised soft wash biocide (just add water and spray).

It works extremely rapidly to give remarkable results in only 30-60 minutes – often much less on smooth, non-porous surfaces.

This means you can impress your customers with the results of your work before leaving the site.

You will be able to achieve exceptionally rapid results on porous surfaces – such as render – and a near instant cleaning effect on smooth, non-porous surfaces such as cladding and UPVC.

You can use Blackwash as a stand-alone soft wash solution, or in conjunction with power washing and Biocidal Wash.

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Benz Window Cleanze turbo-charges the cleaning power of de-ionised water – without increasing TDS.

Purified (aka "de-ionised) water is excellent for cleaning windows. And now, using Benz Window Cleanze, you can turbo-charge its cleaning power, adding an extra brilliance to your customer's windows.

Life as a window cleaner just became a whole lot easier!

When added to your pure water, you'll notice birds mess, general dirt, traffic film and snail trails clean from glass and frames much more easily and quickly.

And you'll notice the frames themselves come up much cleaner with far less effort.

This of course means you can work faster, get more work done during the day, and so substantially increase your earnings. (with an investment of as little as 25p per day).

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Benz Oxy Cleanze gel rapidly removes oxidation (eg rust) stains and limescale (calcium) build upBenz Oxy Cleanze Gel rapidly removes oxidation (eg rust) stains & limescale (calcium) build-up.

Oxy Cleanze is a versatile oxidation (eg rust stains) removal gel. It removes rust and other oxidation stains from lead, painted surfaces, cladding, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), steel, wood and certain renders and masonry. It also removes limescale from window glass.

It's active ingredient is safer for humans and our environment than the more dangerous alternatives such as hydrochloric acid (aka "brick acid"), sulphuric acid, or oxalic acid.

Oxy Cleanse is highly effective cleaning solution that removes stains and limescale (calcium carbonate) from:

  • Lead flashing, including heavily oxidised lead

  • Wall render

  • Painted surfaces

  • Industrial cladding

  • Stainless steel

  • Window glass

  • Boats, including GRP

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