How to control weeds after soft washing cobblelock block paving + paths & patios

best weed killer for block paving

After successfully treating surfaces such as cobblelock drives, and paved paths and patios, weeds will inevitably return over time. There is nothing that can be done to stop this except by applying some form of weedkiller.

But ... the law states that the commercial application of herbicides or pesticides (aka weedkillers) requires the person applying them be trained and licensed in their use. Taking this training and becoming legally certified to apply weedkillers is a good move for any soft wash contractor to consider. 

Quick tip: The environmental impact of some weedkillers, such as Monsantos's notorious glyphosate (aka Roundup), is extremely questionable. Many customers will not want them used on their property because of their probable negative impact on the food chain.

We've experimented with glyphosate, on our own gardens, and do not like it. There are numerous reports that weeds are becoming resistant to it and several countries have actually made it illegal.


IMPORTANT: Unless you are legally certified to work with pesticides and herbicides, we strongly suggest you do not offer advice or information to your customers as to their use. This includes giving advice about non-commercial weedkillers such as salt and horticultural vinegar (aka acetic acid).

If your customer wants to use a weedkiller to control weeds on their property we suggest you point them to the nearest garden centre – online or offline – and tell them to apply the weedkiller according to the product labelling instructions.


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