THE BENZ MINI-ZAP: High quality industrial dosing machine for mixing Bio Cleanze

Ex vat €1,250.00 EUR


Introducing Mini-Zap: Precision Proportional Injector for Professionals


The Mini-Zap is your go-to solution for reliable, precise Bio Cleanze-to-water mixing in soft washing, facility maintenance, and other applications. Designed to fit seamlessly between your water source and spray lance nozzle (or brush), it provides uninterrupted operation, efficiently covering up to 5000m² of render or 900m² of roofing without needing frequent refills.

Please note the Mini-Zap is not suitable for Lightning Cleanze applications as the dilution ratio range of the proportional injector is completely is different.

In the photo above the Mini-Zap has been connected to a onsite fire hydrant for instant high flow and accurate dilutions of Bio Cleanze whihc is being sprayed on the building.

Central to the Mini-Zap™ is the advanced Dosatron D07RE5VAF injector. Renowned for its superior proportional injection technology, the Dosatron system utilises water pressure to function, in most cases eliminating the need for external power sources.

The Mini-Zap pulls the correct percentage of chemical concentrate from its built-in reservoir and integrates it into the water flow. This ensures a consistent and accurate chemical mix, tailored to specific cleaning requirements of the surface and type and severity of biofilm. The system maintains precise dosages regardless of fluctuations in water flow or pressure.

Capable of mixing chemicals at ratios from 0.8% to 5.5%, the Mini-Zap™ operates effectively within water pressures of 3 to 6 bar. It includes a stainless steel pressure regulating valve to safeguard against excessive water pressure. Adjusting the injection rate is straightforward: simply unscrew the locking ring, set the barrel to your desired rate, and re-tighten the nut.

Durability is a hallmark of the Mini-Zap, which features enhanced impact resistance. Its internal reservoir holds 25 liters of chemical, supporting a full day of continuous use without the need for refills.

Optimise your workflow and eliminate downtime with the Mini-Zap, making constant refilling of backpack sprayers a thing of the past.