Benz Roof Moss Scrapers - the fastest & easiest way to remove moss from roofs (video how-to)

May 24, 2019

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Hi guys,

Just a quick heads up that we now have Benz Roof Moss Scrapers in stock.

We've made a video showing our roof moss scrapers in use

The story so far ...

Ben has been experimenting with home-made roof moss scrapers since 2013. And has tested numerous commercial moss scrapers.

He wanted to find roof scrapers that come up to our exacting standards of quality and usability.

It's taken a long time and a lot of work, but we believe that quality is worth the effort of going the extra mile.

Benz softwash roof moss scrapers for scraping moss from roof tiles and roof slates

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Why should you invest in professional roof moss scrapers?

Benz roof moss scrapers are essential softwashing equipment for anyone who’s serious about making softwashing roofs easier, safer and more profitable.

Before a roof is softwashed it should be scraped of heavy moss. This prepares the roof for a treatment of Benz Bio Cleanze.

Bio Cleanze will kill the remaining unsightly growths that make a roof look “dirty” and leaves nature to wash away the remains of the growths over time.

Benz roof moss scrapers enable the prep work to be achieved by working quickly and safely from the eves of a roof, which means - no more climbing on roofs!

This massively reduces labour costs, health and safety hazards and the risk of causing damage to a roof.

The scraper head unit and profiled blades have been precision engineered, which means they are the most efficient on the market and are extremely robust.

Benz softwash roof moss scrapers for scraping moss from roof tiles and roof slates

If you’re in the business of softwashing roofs – and have never used a professionally designed and accurately profiled roof moss scraper before – you’ll be amazed at the difference it will make to your working day making it both far easier and more profitable.

Click here to see Benz Roof Moss Scrapers being used to scrape moss from roofs


Ben, Leo & Fiona


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