03, July, 2018

Softwashing in hot weather

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A summer heatwave brings several challenges, one of which is the change it makes to the chemical properties of softwash products.

High temperatures make both Benz Lightning Cleanze and Benz Bio Cleanze more reactive (ie increases their strength). So it’s a good idea to reduce the dilution in this heat.

It’s the same principle as when we have to cope with "boil-off" on roofs, i.e. treat at half the strength and apply twice.

When applying Lightning Cleanze, a useful approach can be to first apply at half strength then gradually increase the strength as real-time experience indicates.

On most jobs there will be elevations that are cooler than others. If this is this case then it can be best to use the softwash chemical at normal strength on the cool elevations; and pre-wet  the hotter elevations, which will effectively reduce the dilution.

Quick tip: Pre-wetting surfaces that are very hot is a useful way of cooling them down, as well as reducing the dilution of the softwash chemical. In conditions of extreme heat, when rapid boil-off can be a serious problem, it may also be advisable to have someone pre-wetting the surface just prior to treating it.

No two jobs are the same, so, as always, treating a test patch first and proceeding with intelligent care is the way to go.

We hope you found this information helpful and inspires you to succeed in your softwashing business.


Ben, Leo & Fiona

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