Soft washing concrete paths and patios with Benz Tornado Cleanze

April 01, 2021

Benz Tornado Cleanze cleaning concrete patio slabs

We recently tested – just out of curiosity – some old Tornado Cleanze that was nearly two months past it's best-by date. We wanted to find out how long it could be stored for and still produce effective results. And stored badly at that ...

We found that even though it had been stored for several months after opening (which we do not recommend - this was only a test to see how far we could push the product), and when diluted 50:50, it still worked brilliantly well.

Quick tip: We normally store Tornado Cleanze unopened, in as cool a place as possible, and keep it away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. This is because sodium hypochlorite degrades rapidly when exposed to air – e.g. from an opened container – and hot storage conditions.

Why does Tornado Cleanze have a longer shelf life than other sodium hypochlorite (SH) products?

Because of the chemical nature of sodium hypochlorite. The lower the available chlorine, the longer will be its shelf life. So because Tornado Cleanze contains 5% available chlorine, its shelf life is many times that of swimming pool SH, which is commonly 15%. And of course it is much, much safer to use.

Also, the highly specialised surfactant keeps the product stable. It took over a year of trial and error experimentation, numerous trials, and the input from two industrial chemists, to find a surfactant that worked effectively to our high standards.

The surfactant we eventually found keeps the product stable and, even when diluted, a far thicker gel than any other product we know of.

Quick tip: There are over 2000 different surfactants on the market, most of which react badly with SH, creating unstable mixtures with a short shelf life and poor performance.

Why is Tornado Cleanze safer when softwashing close to plant life?

The thick gel nature of Tornado Cleanze makes it safer than thinner products to use in close proximity to plant life because, being a gel, it has a low propensity for splashing and dripping.

The gel reduces the chances of splashing adjacent plants – making it an excellent choice for customers who are fond of their gardens. And of course for use by professional gardeners and cleaning contractors.

Quick tip: The gel keeps the active ingredient in contact with the contaminating spores, where we want it. This increases its effectiveness, rather than having it run off into adjacent lawns and flower beds, as is inevitably the case with thinner products.

Benz Tornado Cleanze cleaning concrete patio slabs


What are the best tools to use when treating concrete slabs with Tornado Cleanze?

  • In general a soft bristle broom works more effectively, and more easily, than a stiff bristle broom.

  • On areas where algae contamination is particularly strong, a stiffer brush and agitating gently and repeatedly during the activation time often works well.

  • A garden hose pipe or pressure/power washer (set to low pressure, so as not to damage the surface of the concrete) are fine for rinsing.

  • Always wear eye protection and chemical resistant gloves. Cover exposed skin. And immediately wash any skin areas that come into contact with Tornado Cleanze.

How long does it take for Tornado Cleanze to work?

  1. Initial results were visible in only 5-10 minutes. After 30 minutes the majority of the cleaning had been accomplished. (on very severe contamination allow up to 60 minutes, with frequent agitation)

  2. For our test we allowed Tornado Cleanze to activate for 60 minutes because of the age of the product, the fact that it had been stored in an opened container, and the cool ambient temperature (7 degrees C). But given the excellent results this length of time may have been unnecessary.

Quick tips:

  • We diluted Tornado Cleanze with warm tap water because the additional heat helps the active ingredient, sodium hypochlorite, to work more effectively on a cool day.
  • On very light algae, fresh Tornado Cleanze can be diluted by as much as 1:2.
  • Tornado Cleanze is useful when your customer wants to see rapid results (when they are selling their property or are preparing for a party, for example).


How long after treating with Tornado Cleanze can concrete paths and patios be post-treated with Bio Cleanze?

It's important to remove as much surfactant as possible from the paths and patio before treating with Bio Cleanze biocide. The surfactant is fully biodegradable but can inhibit the action of the biocide. Sometimes there can be a lot of foaming but this dissipates in a few days.

It can be a good idea to leave the surface for several weeks following treatment with Tornado Cleanze, to ensure the majority of the surfactant has been washed away through natural weathering.

Can Tornado Cleanze be used to clean surfaces prior to painting or sealing?

Yes, but given the large amount of surfactant in Tornado Cleanze, we recommend Benz Lightning Cleanze for pre-painting preparation.

Rinsing Lightning Cleanze is quick and easy, and therefore the painted surface will be quickly ready for repainting.

Remember to offer your customers a "Clean & Maintain" ongoing maintenance service

Tornado Cleanze will get concrete paths and patios wonderfully clean, very quickly.

Then, to keep your customer's property permanently clean, offer theme an ongoing "Clean & Maintain" service using Benz Bio Cleanze.

We hope this information about softwashing concrete paths and patios with Tornado Cleanze inspires you to succeed in your softwashing business.


Ben, Leo & Fiona

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Benz Softwash Bio Cleanze DDAC biocide & Benz Softwash Lightning Cleanze SH sodium hypochlorite biocide

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