How to softwash slipways for launching boats

September 11, 2018

Benz Softwash Bio Cleanze and Lightning Cleanze – for softwashing freshwater and saltwater boat slipways

A customer asked us about the best way to softwash a boat slipway.

The first question we asked was, "Does the slipway you've been asked to clean lead into freshwater or saltwater?"

Saltwater slipways

If the slipway runs into saltwater, then using Benz Lightning Cleanze or Benz Tornado Cleanze would be fine as the run-off will just add a tiny bit more salt water to the sea.

The surfactant in both products is biodegradable and after activation the sodium hypochlorite component in the formula breaks down into ordinary salt and water.

We recommend a light jet washing first with clean water (nothing added) to clear away the worst of the organic material that slipways inevitably accumulate.

Clearing loose matter away through a light jet washing allows the softwash cleaning products to act more effectively on the cause of the infestation – the biological growths such as algae and lichen.

Then apply Lightning Cleanze at 5:1, or Tornado Cleanze either neat or diluted up to 50%.

Quick tip: Treat the slipway at low-tide, which will ensure the products can work most effectively for the longest time on the maximum surface area – and will give you the maximum time to spray, brush and rinse.


Freshwater slipways

If the slipway leads into freshwater then don't use Lightning Cleanze or Tornado Cleanze as the run-off could harm the aquatic life.

For a freshwater slipway we suggest applying Benz Bio Cleanze at 20-50:1 (depending on the degree of colonistion by algae, lichen, and other organic growths) after a light jet washing to remove loose matter.

Quick tip: Applying two treatments consecutively at 40-50:1 is also a valid approach, especially if the growths are particularly thick and it's been a long time since the slipway was softwash cleaned.

Spray Bio Cleanze very carefully, using a Benz 6.5 nozzle, on a dry and reasonably wind-free day, keeping the chemical on the slipway, and avoiding overspray into the water.

Bio Cleanze is bio-degradable and by working in a careful and responsible way, the harbour master, boat owners and our environment will be happy with the completed softwashing of the slipway.

We hope this information is helpful.


Ben, Leo & Fiona

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