Softwash Services: Gutter clearance, window cleaning, jet washing, rust stain removal

Benz Softwash Services offer a range of professional cleaning services for hotels, factories, offices, schools, community centres and private properties in a 50 mile radius around Midleton, Co.Cork, Ireland.

We have many years of experience and are highly trusted by our local community

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Window cleaning

Window cleaning with water fed poles (wfp) and de-ionised waterWe clean windows using the latest hi-tech method of cleaning windows with water-fed poles and de-ionised water.

We are skilled at cleaning glass to a brilliant finish that lasts longer than did the old-fashioned methods.

Water-fed poles have largely replaced ladders and rags. This allows us to clean your windows – including the sills and frames – safely, efficiently and highly effectively.

We clean windows at heights of up to 20 metres while staying safely on the ground. This safety factor greatly reduces the risk to persons and property while we are on your premises.

Window cleaning with water fed poles (wfp) & de-ionised water

In this photo you can see windows being cleaned using the water-fed pole system.

We include cleaning the window frames, doors and sills of your windows as part of our service. 

How does the water-fed pole system work?

  1. First we clean the frames using de-ionised, purified water
  2. Then we clean the glass
  3. Finally we give the frames and glass a thorough rinse, leaving a streak-free shine

We clean your windows when we soft wash your property. After soft washing your property we clean all the windows in and around the treated area.

Quick tips:

1) For a small additional fee we can clean all your windows before we leave after soft washing your property.

2) We can also remove limescale from your windows using a gentle process that dissolves the limescale, and which is kinder to your window glass than mechanical scraping.

"Ben has been doing a fantastic job of cleaning my windows for over a year. He always arrives exactly when he says he will and is so nice to deal with. Just two weeks ago I asked him to clean my fascias and soffits and, as expected, I'm delighted with his work. I have no hesitation in recommending him." Anne Dorgan, Ireland

We have many similar testimonials on file that you can read on request.


Gutter clearing

Gutters need to be cleaned regularly to prevent them clogging and the subsequent overflow damaging and staining the rest of your property.

Gutter clearance using vacuum suction

Using a specialised gutter vacuum cleaner and remote video camera, this otherwise dangerous task can usually be accomplished safely and effectively from the ground.

Many customers like the peace of mind this gives them, both for the safety of their property and for the safety of the person working on their property.




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Jet (aka pressure or power) washing

Although largely superseded by modern soft washing, there are still a few occasions when it's useful to use a jet washer.

We can jet wash most horizontal or vertical surfaces whether they be small areas of a private dwelling or part of a large commercial property.

Quick tip: By using specialised equipment we can jet wash the insides of gutters and some exterior surfaces safely from the ground.


Rust stain removal and rust treatment

Remove rust stains from render, steel, stainless steel, cast iron - Oxy Clearnze rust stain removal gel

Does your property have unsightly rust stains on wall render and other surfaces, caused by rusty fixtures and fittings? 

If so we can quickly remove the stains for you by treating them with Benz Oxy Cleanze.

Quick tip: Oxy Cleanze is also a remarkably effective rust treatment on steel and cast iron that kills the rust and helps prevent it recurring.



Benz Softwash Services cleans wall render, roofs, paths & drives, cobblelock, concrete, tarmac, wet pour safety surfaces, wood decking, fences and sheds.
Phone Ben for a FREE quotation to clean your property
(50 mile radius of Midleton, Co.Cork, Ireland)
087 90 90 918
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