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"The info on your website and in the email Trade Tips are really helpful to someone learning the ropes and not wanting to make mistakes. So just to say its worth all your effort and will keep me as a customer."
Adrian Brooks, Home Soft Wash

On this page we offer a range of support materials to help our Benz Softwash customers operate and promote their independent softwashing businesses.



Softwash training & regulations


More soft washing support materials

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    What is "soft washing?" – a video to show your customers

    We made this short softwash video to help you help your customers understand easily, quickly, and simply what softwashing is, and to learn about the services you offer.

    Because softwashing is such a new industry, very few of the general public understand what it is as yet – so we need to help them out a bit. Try letting potential customers watch it on your phone or iPad when quoting a job. It's only 1.5 minutes and is a great conversation starter.


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    A contract to give your softwash customers

    (Included in our Benz Product Documentation Pack – link above)

    To re-assure your customers, especially corporate softwash customers, that they are in safe hands it can be useful to offer them an official contract that clearly states:

    1) The Terms and Conditions that both customer and contractor agree upon

    2) The precise nature and location of the work to be carried out

    3) The scope and the limitations of the service offered by the contactor

    4) The contractor's fees

    5) Provisions for the extension of the contract

    6) A clear statement of how long the contract will remain in force for

    7) What the customer agrees to provide

    8) A statement of confidentiality

    A softwashing contract benefits both customer and contractor

    Above and beyond any legal considerations it simply makes sense to have the nature of the work about to be undertaken clearly agreed upon by both contractor and customer. Then, should any dispute as to what was agreed arise in the future, both parties can refer back to the contract (memories can be shockingly short sometimes).

    Thus the contract offers security for both customer and contractor.

    Closing the sale of a softwashing contract

    We've found offering this contract to be particularly helpful in successfully closing the sale of a softwash treatment using Benz Bio Cleanze. The reason for this is that, although highly effective, it can take a little time for the results of the treatment to be seen by the human eye.

    As yet, because softwashing is a new industry in the UK and Ireland, most customers are not educated to wait for results. So the contract allays their fears by giving them confirmation in writing that the contractor's work will do what they say it will. And if there are any unforeseen problems the customer knows they can call upon the contractor to address those problems.

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    RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) for softwash contractors

    (An example RAMS is included in our Benz Softwash Product Documentation Pack – link above)

    Many companies now require a Risk Assessment Method Statement from a contractor before they will allow work to begin on their premises. This ensures they are conforming to current Health & Safety regulations.

    RAMS are useful documents to present to your potential customers to re-assure them that you will be using legal, government approved and environmentally responsible softwash cleaning products on their premises.

    There are many RAMS templates on the market but none we know of are formatted specifically for softwashing.

    So we created our own RAMS template for soft washing contracts. And we've included a completed example of the actual RAMS we use for our own soft washing contracts in our Product Documention Pack.

    You are free to create your own RAMS using our example as a guide as to what should be included.

    COSSH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health ): As part of a company's risk assessment a full COSSH assessment should be carried out. This is not as difficult as it may seem and excellent guidance is given here by the HSE:


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    Professional & Public Liability Insurance for Softwash Contractors

    We supply this list of insurers whom we have been told by our customers offer insurance cover for softwashing contractors without bias or vested interest, purely as a service to our customers. It does not in any way imply our endorsement, recommendation, or suggestions that any given insurance company should, or should not, be used.

    Quick tip: We suggest asking for "property maintenance contractor" insurance. We used to advocate "cleaning contractor's insurance" as the staff manning the phone lines may not know what softwashing is – but we've been told that using the word "cleaning" can dramatically increase premiums.


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    Benz Softwash Limited is not a softwash franchise opportunity and is not promoted as such. Therefore our customers are free to promote their independent soft washing businesses without the limitations of geographical territories or contractual limitations to the marketing of their professional services.

    While we are more than happy to answer our customer's questions and share our experience of the best soft washing practices – and will do whatever we can to help and support our customers – we cannot offer the level of marketing and general business support offered by a franchisor.

    Similarly, we do not promote our customer's independent soft washing businesses for them, nor offer exclusive territories or rights. Our offering marketing support materials should not be construed as our offering such support or territories. Our professional customers value their independence and freedom from all legal, geographical and other contractual obligations to Benz Softwash Limited.


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