Softwash Services: The softwash products we use

Benz Softwash Services offer professional soft washing for hotels, factories, offices, schools, community centres and private properties in a 50 mile radius around Midleton, Co.Cork, Ireland.

We are one of the most experienced and trusted soft wash cleaning companies in Ireland and the UK


Soft washing paving with Benz Lightning CleanzeĀ 

Customers often ask us what products we use to clean their property

Our softwash products have been fully approved by the Irish Department of Agriculture and Marine and the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

We care about your environment because it is also our environment. Benz Softwash biodegradable products do not bioaccumulate and have been industrially tested over many years.

We primarily use these Benz Softwash products

Benz Bio Cleanze

Benz Lightning Cleanze

Benz Tornado Cleanze

Benz Oxy Cleanze

Benz Window Cleanze

How we use these products

  • First we treat the micro-biological infestation that has made your property look dirty
  • Simultaneously our specialised softwash product clean your property
  • Finally we protect your property from further colonisation

We use Benz Oxy Cleanze to remove rust stains from your wall render, treat rust on iron and steel, and remove limescale from your window glass.

Safe for building materials

Correctly applied by our skilled operatives, our softwash cleaning products are safe for all known building materials used in wall render, roof tiles and slates, paths, tarmac, brickwork, wood decking, sheds and fencing, aluminium, stainless steel and concrete.

Safe for children and pets

When applied according to the instructions on the product labelling and on this website, and once the treated surface has dried completely.

Safe for our operators and your property

Our specialised low-pressure application systems use advanced telescopic poles that enable our operators to reach every part of your property from the ground, or from sturdy scaffolding.

This minimises the risk of accidents while our operators are working on your property, which mean they stay safe and your property remains undamaged.Ā 

Benz Softwash products are fully government approved

Benz Softwash Ltd is a leading supplier of softwash products across the whole of the UK and Ireland. Our softwash biocides are fully approved by the UK and Irish governments.

So by choosing Benz Softwash to clean your property you can relax, safe in the knowledge that the biocide products we use have been checked, tested and certified as complying with rigorous government environmental and health & safety regulations.

Stay safe with Benz Softwash Services


Benz Softwash Services cleans wall render, roofs, paths & drives, cobblelock, concrete, tarmac, wet pour safety surfaces, wood decking, fences and sheds.
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