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What is Bio Cleanze?

Bio Cleanze is a potent commercial biocide for professional softwashing. It incorporates an extremely pure high-grade of DDAC (Didecyldimethylammonium chloride) – the active ingredient that does most of the cleaning work.

This particularly pure grade of DDAC is also used to formulate many other products including disinfectants, cleansers and sterilants for:

  • The food and beverage industries.
  • Hospitals.
  • Household and industrial kitchens.
  • Veterinary and institutional applications.

Therefore it is also perfectly suited to use as a biocidal cleanser for exterior surfaces. In other words, if it's good enough for hospitals, food preparation and animal surgeries, it's good enough to clean roofs, walls and drives.

We employ a leading international chemical company to manufacture Bio Cleanze, ensuring the highest possible quality

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Bio Cleanze can be used in three ways:

1.  As a stand-alone soft wash treatment of external hard surfaces. Simply apply and let mother nature do the work. You’ll notice dramatic results within 14 days, with the full process lasting for several months. The longevity of the clean will be far greater than that obtained from power washing or bleach.

We particularly recommend this approach on surfaces for which power washing would be contra-indicated, such as soft stone and render. Or when a customer does not want a chlorine-based product used.

3. As a post-treatment after initial cleaning with Benz Lightning Cleanze or Tornado Cleanze. 

2. As a post-treatment following cleaning by power washing. It will kill the algae spores and black and white dots (lichen) that will be left behind and that power washing alone cannot remove.

Power washing followed by a treatment of Benz Bio Cleanze vastly increases the longevity of the clean for minimal extra cost. It is especially cost-effective compared to sealing systems.


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How to apply  Bio Cleanze
  • Use a commercial quality power washer's detergent feed and apply after power washing to kill the remaining spores and vastly increase the longevity of the clean.
  • Spray, or sometimes spray and then brush. A pump or electric backpack sprayer can be used.
  • Dilute in a bucket or watering can for small jobs and brush in

Quick tip:
Using a water-fed pole, 25 litres of diluted mix will treat 25-100 metre2 (actual coverage depends on the porosity of the surface). For example, tarmac and concrete roof tiles could use 1L mix/metre2. Whereas painted surfaces could use only 1L mix/4 metre2.

Bio Cleanze is highly concentrated and is designed for use only by professional power washing contractors, softwashing contractors, exterior cleaners, painters and decorators, groundsmen, window cleaners, builders, landscape gardeners, and similar trades. In essence if you are already working in a trade that involves the competent, safe, and responsible handling of industrial chemicals you can purchase and use Benz Bio Cleanze.

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Applying Bio Cleanze using a power-washer

Some of our best results, and numerous referrals, have come from giving a post power washing treatment of Benz Bio Cleanze

Ben says, "I used to feel embarrassed seeing drives on my window cleaning round, which I'd power washed only 6 months previous, again looking black and dirty. Now I have a sense of pride in seeing them remaining clean long after treating them with Bio Cleanze. And this higher quality of work is bringing large numbers of referrals."

The key point here is to take the time to know your power washer's dosing ratio. Work it out at home using the same set up you would use on a job. Use a similar length "go hose", etc, as down-stream chemical injectors are affected by pressure.

Another option would be to add Benz Bio Cleanze direct to the water tank. This is ideal if you know how much water your water tank holds.

Correctly diluted Bio Cleanze will not adversely affect your equipment in any way.

Quick tips from our experience for applying softwash chemicals with commercial quality power (aka pressure or jet) washers:

  • Power, or pressure/jet washers are not suitable for applying Lightning Cleanze because the flow rate will usually be too high and the metal fittings could be damaged.
  • We do not recommend using domestic/diy jet washers for applying chemicals.
  • It can be handy sometimes to use the down stream injector built into some commercial pressure washers for post-treating using Bio Cleanze after pressure washing.
  • Delivery via a power - pressure washers is not very accurate and a few calculations will be necessary to check coverage and the amount of product being applied.
  • We’ve not used pressure washers for applying softwash chemicals for a number of years because we now use a high flow rate pump and dosatron.
  • Pressure washers cannot be used for soft washing at heights because the difference in head alters the dilution of the mix.
  • A downstream injector will only work at low pressure.
  • Correctly diluted Bio Cleanze will not adversely affect your equipment in any way. 


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Applying Bio Cleanze using a backpack sprayer

Backpack application can be slow but the flip side is that it's precise and the correct dosage is easy to work out. Always wear chemical-resistant clothing and full PPE as backpack sprayers can be prone to leakage.


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Applying Bio Cleanze using a water fed pole (WFP) system

Using a window cleaner's water fed pole system is a great way to try out softwashing with only a small extra investment.

The key is to have your system set up so that the pump can be switched from pure water to sucking from a drum with minimal time and mess.

A T-piece and valve is all that is needed on the suction side of the pump to achieve this.

General notes on applying Bio Cleanze

Test before applying: Always test a cleaning chemical on a small, obscure area of the surface to be cleaned if you are not familiar with the effect of the chemical on that particular surface.

Applying to metals: The same advice to test before applying a cleaning chemical applies to metals. We also recommend pre and post wetting of metal surfaces to prevent streaking and risk of corrosion.

Application Temperature: We recommend using Bio Cleanze at temperatures no lower than 7 degrees C, as results can be inconsistent below this point.


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Why we use IPA in Benz Bio Cleanze

Isopropyl alcohol, as used in Bio Cleanze and Perma Cleanze, is known in the UK and Ireland as pharmaceutical “surgical spirit” and is used as a topical antiseptic for cleaning wounds to prevent infection. 

Including 10-20% IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) gives our product several advantages over a basic biocide:

  • It enables a full 50% of active ingredient to be diluted. Products made without IPA are limited to a maximum of 40% active ingredient.
  • Brings improved temperature stability in cold weather, preventing the thickening associated with non-IPA products.
  • The manufacturing process uses IPA, which maintains the solubility and stability of the active ingredient – DDAC.


Watch this short video for a simple explanation:

Quick tip: At recommended dilution rates, the very small quantity of IPA in the product as applied to a customer's property has zero effect on the silicone in, for example, wall renders and tarmac (even pure undiluted IPA has no lasting effect on silicone).


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The purity of our active ingredient is guaranteed by our suppliers to be greater than 95% and is typically 98%. And the content of DDAC in the supplied product is typically 50-52% and never drops below 50%.


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Why not use a cheap biocide?

There are many heavily diluted products on the market with names such as “Mossgone”, “Algae Away”, “Moss Terminator”, “Patio Clear”, etc. – and they claim to do a similar job to Bio Cleanze.

But the truth is they are very weak and contain only 5-10% active ingredient, compared to the 50% active ingredient of Bio Cleanze. That means they are 90-95% water and therefore can be over 150% more expensive in actual use.

Also, it's important to be aware that cheap biocides, such as BAC, contain a type of active ingredient that is affected by hard water, which Bio Cleanze is not. The results from using these lower grade products can be extremely variable. Their effects usually do not last long and so are unsuitable for using in the context of a Clean & Maintain programme.


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Under the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) regulations, Bio Cleanze – and similar products with the same transport class and packing group  – should be supplied to the end user in 1 Litre bottles by standard courier, and in larger containers only by a specialised Hazchem courier.

The EU regulations permit transportation of up to 30kg or 30L of product in a works van or car without having any special insurance considerations. There are no land, sea, or tunnel restrictions in regard to these quantities.

So you can rest assured that you can transport these quantities of Benz Bio Cleanze in complete safety and within the letter of the law.


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  • For best results store at approximately 20 degrees C (room temperature) and use within 2 years of the manufacturing date.


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Health & Safety

  • Never pour water into undiluted Bio Cleanze. Always half-fill your tank with water, add the required quantity of Bio Cleanze, then complete filling your tank with water.
  • Never mix Bio Cleanze with Lightning Cleanze/Tornado Cleanze as toxic chlorine gas may be produced.
  • Always thoroughly rinse all application equipment and tanks before changing from Bio Cleanze to Lightning Cleanze, and vice-versa.
  • Always exclude the public, including children and animals, from the working area by barriers, tape and warning signs from areas where spraying, mixing and storage of chemicals is taking place and must continue to be excluded from the working area until it is made safe. If a human or animal comes into contact with a softwash chemical the area of skin contact should be immediately rinsed with copious quantities of fresh water.

  • Always ask your customers if children or animals are on the premises, and advise them on protection procedures before starting work on their property. Click here to read our guidelines for the safety of children and animals when softwashing

  • Surfaces on which children and animals may walk or play should be treated with Bio Cleanze at a maximum dilution strength of 50:1 – and children and animals must be prevented from gaining access to the treated area until the surface is completely dry

  • All pooling must be brushed away or removed from the site – and all treated areas (including roofs and window ledges) allowed to completely dry – before allowing children and animals to walk on the surface.

  • If working in confined, poorly ventilated areas always wear appropriate respiratory protection (type as stated on the Bio Cleanze SDS).
    • The purchaser and end users are responsible for ensuring that our products are used in line with industry Approved Codes of Practice. All operators must be competent in using and applying our products. Always read and comply with the instructions for use on the product label – and product information given on this website – before use. The purchaser and end user of these products are responsible for complying with the PRCD/HSE codes and regulations for the safe use of chemicals.
    • Always keep your equipment and personal protection equipment (PPE) clean. Take care to protect yourself from accidental contact with your eyes and skin. Wear protective gloves, clothing that covers your whole skin surface, and a full face visor that includes protection for your hair. Wash all PPE with fresh water at the end of the working day and before eating, drinking, or smoking.

    • Always treat a small, obscure test patch on a customer's property before using any chemical cleaning product. Always obtain your customer's agreement that the result is acceptable and get their permission to continue before cleaning their entire property.

    • Always adhere to the SDS. Follow the product labelling instructions – and the product information supplied on this website – to ensure protection of our environment and avoidance of injury to humans and animals.

    Data Sources: Further technical information regarding the use of biocides can be obtained from the European Chemicals Agency, the UK health and Safety Executive (HSE), and the Irish Pesticides Registration & Controls Division (PRCD).





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    Always treat a test patch on a customer's property before using any chemical cleaning product and obtain your customer's agreement that the effect of the applied chemical is acceptable before cleaning the entire property.

    During use and application always adhere to the SDS and follow the product labelling instructions and the product information supplied on this website to ensure protection of our environment and avoidance of damage to property and human and animal injury.

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