TORNADO CLEANZE – Thick SH softwash gel: Controlled and precise application rapidly removes tough black & red stains, e.g. "black spot".

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Tornado Cleanze rapidly removes "black spot" (black algae and lichen) and other hard to remove heavy staining


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This product worked very well indeed. This was our first experience using Tornado Cleanze. We chose to use it on quoins and coping stones. Both were natural sandstone. Adhesion and quality were paramount on this job – and we were not disappointed.

James Gibbon, C G Clean Down Ltd  



"I had some very good results with Tornado Cleanze on a rendered wall – and the valuable roses at the base of the wall are still flourishing!" Adrian Brooks, Home Soft Wash


Heavy red and black algae/lichen stains can be a problem to remove using conventional cleaning methods. Even regular soft washing may not remove very deep staining.

Tornado Cleanze is the solution. Tornado Cleanze easily, quickly and safely removes stubborn black, green, red and yellow staining from external hard surfaces.

And its rapid, precisely targeted cleaning action means there's no overspray or spray drift onto surrounding properties and plants.

What is Tornado Cleanze?

Tornado Cleanze is a non-penetrating, very strong cleaning gel that stays on the surface. This gives it a long contact time and a remarkable power to remove the discolouration caused by unwanted organic growths.

It is particularly useful for "spot-cleaning" of particularly heavy staining following a biocidal treatment of Benz Lightning Cleanze. 

Simply brush on, leave for 15-60 minutes, and rinse – Tornado Cleanze acts fast!





Tornado Cleanze cleans stone_slabs_white_spots_lichen_dots_algae

The perfect partner

Tornado Cleanze is the perfect partner for Benz Lightning Cleanze biocide. It can be used as a topical spot cleaning agent after giving a biocidal treatment of Lightning Cleanze to sanitise a surface, e.g. for removing any remaining black stains/streaks on render.

Ongoing maintenance: To keep surfaces permanently clean all year around, it's important to post-treat with Benz Bio Cleanze and set up an ongoing "Clean & Maintain" service after thoroughly rinsing off Tornado Cleanze and Lightning Cleanze.

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I bought Tornado Cleanze for a contract to clean the exterior walls and pillars of a private residential estate.

Some of the pillars were black from algae colonisation. Because of surrounding grass, hedges and other bushes I thought I'd try Tornado Cleanze rather than risk spray drift or too much run-off.

The results, as you can see in the photo below, were excellent and my customer and other residents were delighted, often stopping to remark on how much better the walls look.

Btw: The railings were removed at the time of cleaning for maintenance and painting, which is why they are missing in the after photo.

Keiron Bradley, Gleam Team Cleaning Services & Garden Maintenance

Benz Tornado Cleanze, brickwork softwash cleaning treatment 

Packaging & Shelf Life

Tornado Cleanze comes in sturdy, drop-tested 5 litre containers.

It remains usable for 5+ months after manufacture, when stored in a cool location, in the original, unopened container.

And our tests show that even when opened and some has been used, Tornado Cleanze will be usable for 2+ months, when the cap is tightly replaced and stored in a cool location.


Tornado Cleanze has the FOCUSED POWER you need to clean those really tough surfaces - fast!



Tornado Cleanze is a concentrated, ready-to-use gel. A little goes a long way. 1 litre will cover 6 metres2 of render or brickwork, 10 metres2 of sandstone, or 10 average capping stones.

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By brush or roller, or a combination of both. Ensure a thin film is left on the surface.

Tornado Cleanze can be diluted and sprayed although this is not its intended use. A better practice is to use Lightning Cleanze if a spray application is required (e.g. for treating large areas of wall render, car parks, driveways, etc).

Quick tips:

1) A light jet wash before applying is ideal but not essential. Loose dirt and debris must be removed to allow Tornado Cleanze to do its job on the ingrained stain, but this can also be achieved with a simple hosepipe and broom.

2) A light pre-wetting of the surface to be treated makes application by brush or roller faster and easier. We also suggest lightly pre-wetting a surface after prolonged dry periods and in very hot direct sunlight.


Applying Tornado Cleanze-stone-path-algae-white-lichen-spots-dots

Ideally, apply in temperatures of 8-30 degrees C. Allow longer for Tornado Cleanze to work in cooler temperatures. In very hot weather, cool down surfaces by lightly pre-spraying with cold fresh water.

Quick Tips:

  • If the surface is warm, pre-wet it with a light spray of ordinary tap water before commencing treatment. If very hot, continually dampen the surface during the activation period.
  • Because Tornado Cleanze is a gel, it stays where it’s applied, even on vertical surfaces such as render, and is slow to evaporate.
  • If the discolouration is particularly bad, gently agitate with a soft brush after 10-15 minutes.
  • Protect areas that could be affected by spillages or run-off after rinsing, e.g. lead flashing.
  • Rinse thoroughly after activation.

Important: Be sure to protect plant life from drops or accidental spillage. Click here to learn the simplest, most effective way to protect plants when softwashing.

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Black and green discolouration will disappear from most surfaces within 15-60 minutes in mild temperatures, longer in cooler weather. Heavy red stains may turn pink at first, then fade in 24-48 hours. Sometimes, a second application may be needed.

Quick tips:

Enable your customers to enjoy permanently clean properties

Bio-Cleanze-algae-lichen-moss-mould-kill-controlKeep the external hard surfaces of properties permanently clean by using Benz "Clean & Maintain" softwash systems.

After initial cleansing with Lightning Cleanze and Tornado Cleanze, a quick and simple spray with Benz Bio Cleanze every 6-24 months is usually sufficient to keep properties clean all year around.

Quick tip: Depending on the severity of the staining a gentle brushing is sometimes beneficial.

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Why Tornado Cleanze is safer and more effective than bleach mixes *

  • There is almost no smell compared to bleach mixes, because the special formula reduces chloramine emissions, which means there is no need for a masking scent.
  • It is safer because its thick gel nature means there is an extremely low likelihood of the product coming into contact with surrounding properties, vehicles, people, animals, plants – and splashing onto soft wash contractors themselves.
  • The highly specialised gelling agent ensures Tornado Cleanze sticks to surfaces longer, with zero run-off prior to rinsing. This increases the contact time with organic growths, ensuring maximum effectiveness in removing them.

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Keep Tornado Cleanze cool to extend its shelf-life

  • Vans get hot inside during the summer months, so remove Tornado Cleanze containers and place them in a shaded area on the site.
  • Metal and wooden sheds also heat up, so find a cooler location for storage.
  • Use a an old insulated chest freezer to keep Tornado Cleanze cool, but not freezing, away from sunlight.
  • Use a picnic cool box with an iceblock. These can often accommodate two 5 litre containers of Tornado Cleanze.
  • Children and animals must be prevented from gaining access to freezers and other chemical containers.

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Delivery Restrictions


Due to restrictions placed by shipping companies, we are unable to deliver even to some UK offshore locations through our standard shipping arrangements.

These include (but are not limited to):

• Isle of Man
• Isle of Wight
• Channel Islands
• Scottish Islands

Orders placed for these locations, and not previously cleared by us, will have to be cancelled. If you need products delivered to one of the above areas, contact us and we'll do our best to help you, but do note that surcharges will have to apply.

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Health & Safety

  • NEVER mix Benz Tornado Cleanze and Benz Bio Cleanze/Perma Cleanze together as toxic gas may be produced.
  • ALWAYS thoroughly rinse application equipment before changing from Tornado Cleanze to Bio Cleanze/Perma Cleanze and vice-versa.
  • EXCLUDE customers, the general public, children and animals from areas where application, mixing and storage of chemicals is taking place by erecting barriers and tape. And keep them excluded until the treated area has been declared safe.
  • Respiratory protection is not required when there is adequate ventilation, which is usually the case in outdoor environments. In poorly ventilated areas wear appropriate respiratory protection ( refer to SDS for the currently recommended type).
  • Discharge rinse water in accordance with local by-laws and water authority regulations.
  • If swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Contact a doctor or a specialist immediately.
  • Refer to the product SDS for specific guidance.
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The purchaser and end users are responsible for ensuring that our products are used in line with industry Approved Codes of Practice. All operators must be competent in using and applying our products. Always adhere to the SDS, and read and comply with the instructions for use on the label, and product information on this website, before use to avoid injury to humans and animals. The purchaser and end user of these products are responsible for complying with the PRCD/HSE codes for the safe use of chemicals.

Safe working practices: When working with chemicals always keep your equipment and personal protection equipment (PPE) clean. Take care to protect yourself and the public from accidental contact with eyes and skin. Wear chemical resistant protective gloves, chemical resistant clothing that covers your whole skin surface, and a full face visor that includes protection for your hair. Wash all PPE with fresh water at the end of the working day and before eating, drinking, or smoking.

Always treat a small, obscure test area before using any chemical cleaning product. Obtain your customer's agreement that the result is acceptable and get their permission to continue before cleaning the entire property.

Formulated to be legal and safe for use by cleaning contractors and property maintenance staff



    * Safe when used according to product labelling instruction and the recommendations on this website.

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