OXY CLEANZE – Thick gel: Kills rust, dissolves limescale, removes rust stains from most surfaces (*see below)

Ex vat $45.00 USD

Removes rust and rust stains from steel (inc stainless), cast iron, painted surfaces, metal cladding, most renders & masonry

Also removes:

  • Sodium Hypochlorite (SH) stains from lead

  • Limescale from glass

  • Bird lime, exhaust, waterline and rust stains from GRP boats without affecting the gelcoat


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Delivery time: 1-4 working days


    Always treat a small test area first to ensure compatibility

    * Do not use on stone, concrete or cement-based surfaces


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    What is Oxy Cleanze?

    Oxy Cleanze is a versatile iron oxidation (eg rust stains) removal gel. It removes rust and other oxidation stains from most smooth, non-porous surfaces such as:

    • Lead
    • uPVC
    • PVC
    • Most other plastics
    • Painted surfaces, including painted sand and cement render, and painted pre-coloured render
    • Cladding
    • GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), including GRP boats
    • Steel, including stainless steel
    • Cast iron
    • Wood
    • Most renders*
    • Brickwork and other masonry
    • Limescale (calcium carbonate) – from window glass.

    It's active ingredient is safer for people, animals and our environment than the more dangerous alternatives such as hydrochloric acid (aka "brick acid") and sulphuric acid.

    Quick tips:

    1. Test before treating: Because there are so many types of render, with varying constituents, and formulas are constantly changing, it is impossible for us to test them all. So, with your customer's permission, always test a small, out of the way area of any surface you are considering treating with any of our products – and obtain your customer's agreement that the result is acceptable to them – before treating the entire area.

    2. Copper oxide: Oxy Cleanze will not remove copper oxide staining.

    3. Render: Our tests showed positive results on all the renders we’ve tried it on except cement based render. (i.e. sand and and cement, which should be painted anyway – and in which case, when painted, it too will be fine). But see point (1) above, as we cannot test all renders that are on the market.

    4. Slate: Removing rust stains from slate may leave a white residue. This will come off with light rinsing and gentle agitation with a soft brush.

    5. Concrete & stone: The ingredients of concrete can vary dramatically, along with the effect of Oxy Cleanze on concrete. Similarly there are many types of stone. Oxy Cleanze is not suitable for use on stone, concrete and cement-based surfaces.

      Quick tip: A white discolouration may occur on concrete and some other surfaces. The best way to avoid this is to cover surfaces that may receive spillage to protect them before using the product. Any discolouration will usually fade through time from natural weathering.

      Any spillages that do occur should be wiped off and rinsed with fresh water IMMEDIATELY to minimise the discolouration effect.

    6. Rust killer: We've found Oxy Cleanze to be an effective rust killer on steel and cast iron. Before treating, remove all loose rust by scraping and scrubbing with a wire brush. And if possible, after treating, paint exposed surfaces with Hammerite to help prevent rust from recurring.

    Click here to download our PRODUCT DOCUMENTATION PACK (includes SDS & PDS)



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    Oxy Cleanze is a professional-grade product that requires careful handling.

    Always treat a test patch before treating the entire surface. We've outlined usage on common surfaces as a guide and stated the precautions you need to take.

    Is Oxy Cleanze corrosive? Benz Oxy Cleanze is not classified as "metal corrosive" but is classified "skin corrosive" as it can cause skin burns and damage eyes. This is the reason for the "corrosive" pictogram on the product label.

    Do not overuse: Overuse, and not rinsing residues after Oxy Cleanze has done it's work, can result in undesirable effects on some surfaces.

    Spillages: IMMEDIATELY wipe off, and thoroughly rinse with water, any spillages of Oxy Cleanze to avoid the whitening effect seen in the photo below:

    OxyCleanze Rust Remover Gel spilt on concrete

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    A little goes a long way. 1 litre will treat approximately 10 square metres of a smooth, impermeable surface.

    Application methods

    Oxy Cleanze can be applied by brush or roller. We've found that brushing is easier and, using a wide brush, works best. Brushing can be very fast with 4-6 inch brush.

    If you use a roller be very careful not to get spatters onto your body. This can happen without knowing about it at first.

    For PPE, wear chemical resistant gloves and wrap-around eye protection at the very least and ensure all vulnerable skin surfaces are covered. We strongly recommend wearing a full face mask that also covers your hair.

    Quick tips:


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    Temperature considerations

    Oxy Cleanze works faster in warm conditions: For example, 30 minutes during warm weather (15-25 ℃ ) can have the same effect as 4 hours in cooler (0-15 ℃ ) conditions. 


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    Shelf life

    • As long as it is kept in an unopened, closed container and not exposed to extremes of temperature Oxy Cleanze should keep for up to 2 years.
    • Always store Oxy Cleanze in the original container. 

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    Delivery Restrictions

    Due to restrictions placed upon us by shipping companies, we are unable to deliver to UK offshore locations through our standard shipping arrangements. These include (but are not limited to):

    • Isle of Man
    • Isle of Wight
    • Channel Islands
    • Scottish Islands

    Orders placed for these locations, and not previously cleared by us, will be cancelled. If you have a specific item that you need and live within one of these areas, contact us and we'll do our best to help you, but do note that surcharges will have to apply.


    Health & Safety

    •  The public, including children and animals, must be excluded by barriers and tape from areas where spraying, mixing and storage of chemicals is taking place and must be excluded from the treated area until the area is safe.
    • Wear appropriate respiratory protection if working in confined, poorly ventilated areas.
    • Keep equipment and personal protection equipment (PPE) clean. Protect yourself from accidental contact with eyes and skin. Wear protective gloves, clothing that covers your whole skin surface, and a full face visor that includes protection for your hair. Wash all PPE with fresh water at the end of the working day and before eating, drinking, or smoking.

    • Always treat a small, obscure test patch on a customer's property before using any chemical cleaning product. Obtain your customer's agreement that the result is acceptable and get their permission to continue before cleaning the entire property.

    • Always adhere to the SDS. Follow the product labelling instructions, and the product information supplied on this website, to ensure protection of our environment and avoidance of injury to humans and animals.
    The purchaser and end users are responsible for ensuring that our products are used in line with industry Approved Codes of Practice. Always read and comply with the instructions for use on the label, and product information on this website, before use. The purchaser and end user of these products are responsible for complying with the PRCD/HSE code for the safe use of chemicals.



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