LIGHTNING CLEANZE – 10-11% SH softwash biocide: Rapidly removes the biofilm from roofs, render, walls, patios & paths.

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Lightning Cleanze is a fast-acting SH softwash biocide that rapidly removes black, red, green and yellow staining – e.g. caused by algae, lichen, fungi & mould – from render, roofs, paths, patios, upvc, cladding


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Delivery times:

4x5L    1 – 4 working days
100L+  3 – 7 working days

(order the quantity you can use within the "best before" period)



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    “Lightning Cleanze works so much better than the unlicensed stuff I was getting before. I am impressed, and I’m not easily impressed …"
    Peter, Exterior Cleaning Solutions

    Watch the short (1 minute) video below to see the power of Lightning Cleanze



    Lightning Cleanze is the ONLY fully government approved sodium hypochlorite based softwash biocide available in the UK & Ireland *

    Contains no acids or solvents


    Lightning Cleanze does not bio-accumulate and the surfactant is fully biodegradable.

    After use it quickly breaks down into tiny amounts of ordinary salt and water containing no free chlorine.

    Lightning Cleanze is fully approved by both the Irish Pesticides Registration & Control Service (PCS) and UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for use as a softwashing biocide in Ireland and the UK.

    It conforms to the Global Harmonised System (GHS) for product labelling.

    And it's fully compliant with the EU "REACH" (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of CHemicals) regulations for cleaning exterior hard surfaces.

    HSE approval number: 10161

    PCS number: 98411

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    Lightning Cleanze works in minutes

    Benz Lightning Cleanze softwashing cleaning brickwork

    The above photo was taken by our customer Raymond Hampson from KRend Cleaning & Restoration, who used Benz Lightning Cleanze to achieve this excellent result


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    Cleans – Sanitises – Disinfects

    The active ingredient is recommend for cleaning the products – render and cladding – of industry-leading companies such as KRend, Weber and Kingspan Cladding.

    Effective and safe to use on:

    Safe for use on most building materials*


    Lightning Cleanze as applied to actual surfaces contains only 0.5-2% available chlorine – a similar % as used to disinfect babies bottles.

    Lightning Cleanze is safe for appropriate uses when diluted and applied in accordance with the product labelling and directions on this website.

    Click here to learn how to ensure the safety of children and animals while applying softwash chemical cleaning products


    Safe for our environment **


    Lightning Cleanze does not bio-accumulate and becomes inactive within 30-60 minutes of application. It breaks down in contact with organic materials and quickly dissipates.

    Even the surfactant in Lightning Cleanze is biodegradable and conforms to the latest government guidelines on biodegradability.

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    Cleans uPVC and PVC – fast!


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    Application, Use & Storage guidance

    Order sufficient product only for the contracts you have booked in, bearing in mind the 4-10 day delivery timescale. This minimises storage time on your premises, and will ensure your Lightning Cleanze is as fresh and strong as possible when you use it and will do the best possible job.



    • RAIN: Do not treat a surface if rain is likely within an hour of application.

    • HOT WEATHER: In extreme heat lightly wet the surface to cool it down before applying Lightning Cleanze (and keep Lightning Cleanze as cool as possible when on site)

    • COLD WEATHER: For best results, apply in temperatures above 8 degrees C. At lower temperatures a longer activation time may be indicated and/or a stronger dilution – but only if safe to do so.

    • DO NOT add a surfactant or scent to Lightning Cleanze as doing so will reduce its effectiveness and shorten it's shelf life (and will invalidate the HSE and PRCD legal approvals)



    • Dilute for use between 5:1 and 10:1 depending on the type of surface and degree of infestation.

      Non-porous surfaces such as industrial cladding and uPVC usually come up well at only 10:1.

      Exceptionally, on extremely badly infested surfaces 4:1 can be used – but in this case using Benz Tornado Cleanze may be indicated. If used at 4:1, correct application procedures and wearing appropriate PPC becomes of high importance because of the higher strength.



    • For best results use asap ("best before" date is on side of containers).
      • Because the chemical nature of this product means it has a relatively short shelf-life – we strongly suggest you purchase only the quantity of product you need for the customers you have booked in ( and please allow for the 4-10 day delivery time when booking in your customers).

      • Quick tips:

        1) Store cool and according to our guidelines (below) to extend the shelf life of Lightning Cleanze.

        2) Our manufacturers give a 3 month "best before" date when stored correctly under ideal conditions. Our experience is that the product can remain usable for up to 6 months but at that point may need to be used at stronger than usual dilutions. 

    • Because we cannot control the way our customers store the product (hot environment, opening and leaving, etc) we suggest, for optimum results, using within 2 months. 


    • Store in a cool, but not freezing, environment away from direct sunlight.

    • Store in unopened, original container.

    • Use within 2 weeks of opening.

    • Once mixed with water, use immediately.

    Lightning Cleanze should be stored away from direct sunlight and in a cool, but not freezing, location.

    Quick tip: During warm weather the product will naturally vent a small amount of vapour via the vent valve in the cap. And sometimes, if the container is shaken during transportation, a small amount of product can leak from the cap vent.

    If this happens, as the product dries a white salt residue may be seen around the cap and sometimes down the side of the container. Although it can look dramatic, this will only be a few ml of product and is quite normal and nothing to be concerned about.

    Follow correct COSHH procedures to protect surrounding surfaces and the environment, such as: Placing the affected containers in a watertight plastic bund. Washing the salt residue from the containers. Leaving to dry. Then disposing of the rinse water in a foul drain.


    Lightning Cleanze lasts longer in storage than industrial 15% hypo because:

    1) The chemical nature of 15% SH means that it breaks down far more rapidly than the 10% SH used in Lightning Cleanze.

    2) The high quality of chemistry involved in the manufacturing process.

    3) Its high quality surfactant and scent.

    The high quality surfactant keeps the mix stable and does not cause the sodium hypochlorite to chemically degrade, as do cheap surfactants.

    And of course Lightning Cleanze has the huge advantage of being the ONLY fully legal SH-based softwash biocide available in the UK and Ireland.



    These drums are intended for cleaning companies who have:

    • A safe, cool & secure storage building, e.g. an industrial unit.
    • Easy access for large, sometimes articulated, lorries.
    • Have safe chemical handling procedures in place and staff trained in these procedures.
    • A means of transporting the 205L drums from lorry to storage facility, e.g. a fork lift. We cannot guarantee that the delivery lorry will have a tail lift.
    • A person on-site who will be responsible for receiving the 205L drums, storing them, and signing for delivery.
    • A means of disposing of used drums – they are non-returnable because the shipping companies will not collect them.

    (please read):
    If any of the above criteria are not met, and the shipping company cannot deliver the product, the customer will be fully liable for all return costs.


    Best practices for using 205L drums:

      • Keep your empty 5/20L Lightning Cleanze containers for decanting.

      • Before using Lightning Cleanze from a 205L drum, first decant the product into smaller Lightning Cleanze containers (5/20L), which will be more easily usable on-site.

      • Once decanted, Lightning Cleanze will have a normal shelf life of at least 2 months.

      • Fill the smaller containers almost to the brim, which will increase the shelf life of Lightning Cleanze.

      • Do not fill completely to the brim, as the product could leak through the vent cap during transportation of if mishandled.

      • If the 205L drum is decanted gradually – i.e. as product is needed – it will introduce oxygen into the drum, which will reduce the shelf life of the product.
        Degrading of the product will happen increasingly fast as the drum empties because of the greater volume of airspace, which increases the product's exposure to oxygen. This will make it impossible to determine the exact shelf life of the remaining product.

      • Drums can be decanted into the 5L and 20L containers from your smaller orders. Ensure the containers are full and caps tight, to reduce Lightning Cleanze's contact with air.

      • A Filling and Transfer Pump – such as this one for example – is a more effective, easier and safer way to transfer Lightning Cleanze from the 205L drums to smaller containers than is tipping from the drum via a funnel.

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    Application by low-pressure spraying

    We recommend using a Benz 10-tip spray nozzle to apply Lightning Cleanze as the results you'll get will be better than any other nozzle we've tested. These nozzles minimise spray drift and deliver the maximum quantity of product where it is needed.

    How to avoid discolouring lead

    • Lightning Cleanze contains sodium hypochlorite so can affect lead flashings if they are not kept wet during application. We recommend pre-wetting, wetting during, and immediately after application to reduce the possibility of staining lead.
    • If, even after wetting and using skillful spray and brush techniques, Lightning Cleanze gets onto lead, apply Benz Oxy Cleanze to reverse the reaction.

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    How to extend the shelf life of Lightning Cleanze

    • Primarily, keep Lightning Cleanze cool and out of direct sunlight to extend it's shelf life.

    • Vans get hot inside during the summer months, so remove the Lightning Cleanze container and place it in a shaded area on the site.
    • Metal and wooden sheds also heat up, so find a cooler storage location.
    • Use a an old insulated chest freezer to keep Lightning Cleanze cool, but not freezing, away from sunlight, and ensures chemicals are kept away from children, pets and the general public (and ensure children cannot gain access to the freezer).
    • Use a picnic cool box with an iceblock, for 2x5L containers.

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    We supply Lightning Cleanze in 5, 20 and 205 litre containers.

    Always store Lightning Cleanze in the original containers, which are designed for maximum safety and longevity of the product. They have vented caps that allow for the gradual and safe release of a small amount of harmless vapour.

    Benz containers are industrial strength and have been drop-tested. This means they can withstand the sometimes harsh conditions of on-site use, and storage in vans along with other equipment, without splitting.

    Quick tip: Some companies cut corners by using weaker containers to make their products seem cheaper. But the potential health and safety hazards these create, along with the financial cost of leakages, mean they are a false economy.


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    Coverage of Lightning Cleanze

    Please note: We give the following information for those new to soft washing to have a starting point when calculating the amount of product that will be needed for a softwashing contract.

    In actual practice multiple factors need to be taken into account, such as the type of material being treated, the porosity of the surface, the type of infestation, how long the infestation has been allowed to grow into the surface, and so on.

    Coverage in general:

    • 30-40L will be used by a one-person contractor per day to treat the elevations of a large detached house, including paths and drive.
    • Small jobs may require as little as 5L, while large contracts can use up to 100L per day.
    • As a rough guide, 5L of Lightning Cleanze will create 30L of mix at 5:1 dilution, which will treat approximately 40-50 square metres of a porous surface – double that at 10:1 dilution.

    • 10L Lightning Cleanze will make 60L of mix at 5:1, which is enough to clean a very dirty large gable end of a rendered house. Or an average 2-car Cobblelock driveway.

    • Non-porous cladding, painted render, roof slates, etc: On smooth, non-porous surfaces such as industrial cladding or painted surfaces 10L Lightning Cleanze will make 110L mix at 10:1 – which will clean approximately 300 square metres.

    The exact coverage of Lightning Cleanze depends on several factors, such as:

    • The porosity of the surface (think honeycomb)
    • The type and amount of infestation
    • How long the infestation has been allowed to grow into the surface
    • The method of application

    Click here to download a FREE Lightning Cleanze application guide (part of the Benz Softwash Product Documentation Pack)

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    Why rinsing Lightning Cleanze is important

    Always rinse Lightning Cleanze from the surface being treated after allowing 30-60 minutes for the cleaning action to take effect. This removes the small amounts of surfactant and common salt left behind by the chemical reaction.

    Always rinse between applications. On many contracts one application is sufficient. But if the staining is really bad, two treatments – exceptionally three – may be required. 

    Rinsing between applications of Lightning Cleanze removes the "debris" from the pores of the surface, allowing subsequent applications to penetrate more deeply into the layer of biological growth, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

    If Benz Bio Cleanze is to be applied as a final treatment, thorough rinsing of Lightning Cleanze is important prior to application. This enables Bio Cleanze to provide maximum long-term residual protection against re-colonisation.

    Just apply Lightning Cleanze and rinse – simple!

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    Delivery Restrictions


    Due to restrictions placed by shipping companies, we are unable to deliver even to some UK offshore locations through our standard shipping arrangements.

    These include (but are not limited to):

    • Isle of Man
    • Isle of Wight
    • Channel Islands
    • Scottish Islands

    Orders placed for these locations, and not previously cleared by us, will have to be cancelled. If you need products delivered to one of the above areas, contact us and we'll do our best to help you, but do note that surcharges will have to apply.


    Health & Safety

    • NEVER pour water into undiluted Lightning Cleanze. Half-fill your tank with water, add the required quantity of Lightning Cleanze, then complete filling your tank with water.
    • NEVER mix Lightning Cleanze and Bio Cleanze / Perma Cleanze together as toxic chlorine gas may be produced.
    • ALWAYS thoroughly rinse application equipment and tanks before changing from Lightning Cleanze to Bio Cleanze / Perma Cleanze and vice-versa.
    • ALWAYS exclude the public, including children and animals, by barriers and tape from areas where spraying, mixing and storage of chemicals is taking place. Children and animals must be excluded from the treated area until the area is safe.

    The purchaser and end users are responsible for ensuring that our products are used in line with industry Approved Codes of Practice. All operators must be competent in using and applying our products. Always adhere to the SDS, and read and comply with the instructions for use on the label, and product information on this website, before use to avoid injury to humans and animals. The purchaser and end user of these products are responsible for complying with the PRCD/HSE code for the safe use of chemicals.


    Safe working practices: When working with chemicals always keep your equipment and personal protection equipment (PPE) clean. Take care to protect yourself and the public from accidental contact with eyes and skin. Wear protective gloves, clothing that covers your whole skin surface, and a full face visor that includes protection for your hair. Wash all PPE with fresh water at the end of the working day and before eating, drinking, or smoking.

    Always treat a small, obscure test patch on a customer's property before using any chemical cleaning product. Obtain your customer's agreement that the result is acceptable and get their permission to continue before cleaning the entire property.

      Lightning Cleanze sodium hypochlorite softwash biocide for cleaning external hard surfaces



      * There is no other sodium hypochlorite based biocide available in the UK or Ireland that is fully approved by the HSE, PRCD, and is REACH compliant for soft washing exterior hard surfaces.

      ** Safe when used according to the product labelling and guidance for use on this website.

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      Phone: 0800 70 74 222 


      Ireland and other countries

      Phone: 00353 214 622 978


      Lines open Monday - Friday, 9am – 5pm

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