Softwash Services: Customer testimonials

Benz Softwash Services offer professional soft washing for hotels, factories, warehouses, offices, schools, community centres and private properties in a 50 mile radius around Midleton, Co.Cork, Ireland.

We are one of the most experienced and trusted soft wash cleaning companies in Ireland and the UK

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"I came across your site while surfing the web for soft washing info. I do not need to search any longer. Your insightful web pages got me so absorbed that I am 3 hours past my bedtime…  I've been cleaning windows, carpets, etc for almost 20 years. I am always looking to add services to my business and now I have found it. I am ordering all of your products."

Frank Woollard, Safi Cleaning Services

I bought Benz Tornado Cleanze for a contract to clean the exterior walls and pillars of a private residential estate.

Some of the pillars were black from algae colonisation. Because of surrounding grass, hedges and other bushes I thought I'd try Tornado Cleanze rather than risk spray drift or too much run-off.

The results, as you can see in the photo below, were excellent and my customer and other residents were delighted, often stopping to remark on how much better the walls look.

I also used Benz Lightning Cleanze in other areas of the same contract and finished off with Benz Bio Cleanze. I explained to my customer how Bio Cleanze works and it’s residual, long-lasting protection.

As they've seen the results from Benz products and trust my judgement on what really works, I’m going back next year to give a maintenance treatment of Bio Cleanze.

Benz Softwash products are the only ones I trust to safely and effectively clean my customer’s properties and remove heavy algae / lichen staining. I will not take the risk of using a self-made hypo mix and potentially damaging or discolouring brickwork, roof tiles, render, etc.

Btw: The railings were removed at the time of cleaning for maintenance and painting, which is why they are missing in the after photo.

Keiron Bradley, Gleam Team Cleaning Services & Garden Maintenance

Benz Tornado Cleanze, brickwork softwash cleaning treatment

"Fantastic service from Benz. Two orders placed, both arrived within good time. Very good communication and help via email correspondence. The website is loaded with very useful information. If you’re looking to get into softwashing but are unsure or have any doubts then Benz website will explain almost everything. The safety information and advice is very useful. Thank you Benz."

Sion Dean, In Check Domestic Services

"A big thank you for all your support both on your website and Facebook. Customer support second to none."

Aidan Miskell  Golden Aer Solutions

"Thank you for your excellent service. Had some outstanding results and very happy customers with Lightning Cleanze. Worth every penny."

John Dove  


"I can’t thank you enough for your help and support. Every experience I have had with your company has been second to none. This is the main reason for wanting to use Benz products as the support is always on hand." 

Dominic Gentleman

"I've been using Benz Window Cleanze for the last few weeks and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It cleans the windows so much faster and really helps the frames. I love it."

Tim Anderson, TruWASH


"I've been in the painting and decorating business for over 25 years. And over the last year or so have considered adding a softwash service, as it would compliment and benefit my established painting services.

"I contacted Kevin, from Eurojet in Little Island, Cork, and discussed the different types of equipment. I was very happy with his service and advice, so decided to purchase the equipment he recommended and Benz Softwash cleaning chemicals.

"The service not only from Kevin at Eurojet but also the very friendly and helpful back up from Ben from Benz Softwash is second to none.

"They provide the best after sales service that I have experienced in all my time in business, whether it is advice on upcoming projects and products, to heath and safety tips. I found Benz Softwash very swift to reply to all my inquiries.

"I highly recommend Benz Softwash systems and Eurojet Cork for all your softwash products and services."

John Kelly,
Painting & Decorating Specialist


"Got to give it to you guys. I've used your product and I can honestly say it works well. Over the moon. Beats pressure washing all day, just a nice easy day really!"

Phil Bone

"Thanks for all the help. Top customer support from you guys. You deserve a medal!"

Logan Mott, Driveway Cleaning Cambridgeshire


"As you advised I wet the stones first before applying the Benz Oxy Cleanze. I brushed it through and left it for 40 minutes before rinsing it off. I have enclosed the pictures for you to see the amazing results (see photos below). The hotel, who were hosting a wedding the next day, were delighted with the job. I wanted to thank you for your knowledge and advice,  which was very much appreciated."

Brian Neilly, ABC Carpetclean


"Benz Tornado Cleanze worked very well indeed. This was our first experience using this product. We chose to use it on quoins and coping stones. Both were natural sandstone. Adhesion and quality were paramount on this job – and we were not disappointed."

James Gibbon, C G Clean Down Ltd


Below you can see the surface before Brian treated it with Benz Oxy Cleanze

Before treating with Benz Oxy Cleanze


Below you can see the same surface after Brian treated it with Benz Oxy Cleanze

After treating with Benz Oxy Cleanze


Muireann Curtin

BENZ Biocidal soft-wash treatment controls algae, mould, fungi, lichen, and moss


“I am truly impressed by just how clean the pavement slabs are in my drive. I got it cleaned last July and it is now long past Easter – and following the winter weather it is still unbelievably clean.

"The products used to clean the drive are second to none, so gentle, non-abrasive but remarkably effective. Previously I had my drive power-washed and found that while it was certainly clean afterwards, it did not last through the winter. The whole process was quite harsh and even moved some of the paving slabs. I cannot recommend this product – Benz Bio Cleanze – highly enough."

Muireann Curtin


Aoife Barry

 BENZ Biocidal soft wash treatment controls algae, mould, fungi, lichen, and moss              BENZ Biocidal soft wash treatment controls algae, mould, fungi, lichen, and moss

“Our paths were washed and treated with Benz Bio Cleanze in November 2013. Now 16 months on they are still immaculate and look like they were just done yesterday! There were no streaks like we used to have when we power-washed ourselves and no splashing on the plinth or walls. A truly fabulous job and I highly recommend it.”

Aoife Barry


 Pat and Brid Goggin

Ben carried out the work in June 2014. In July he also cleaned all the chutes and fascias. We are very pleased to report that all the work has been very successful. The paths are still looking good – and getting better!

Pat and Brid Goggin


Tecomet Ltd

BENZ Biocidal soft wash treatment controls algae, mould, fungi, lichen, and moss

 (note: "Tecomet" was named "Symmetry" when the work was in this photo was completed. The right side has been cleaned, while the left is the original state)

Ben’s attitude was very positive and provided a very high level of service to Tecomet.

I appreciated the way Ben respected our property and followed the guidelines in order to carry out a very high quality of work in a safe manner.

I would be very comfortable recommending Ben to others because his level of workmanship is excellent.

John Roche,Tecomet


Dublin Gutter Cleaning

Super impressed with you guys! Benz Lightning Cleanze arrived at 10.30am yesterday morning.

I really appreciate your help!





Wadesons Blackwash soft washing sodium hypochlorite biocide

Here's a contract we completed this week using Benz Lightning Cleanze and Bio Cleanze.

Up until now we've used another product but will switch to your biocides instead. We are very happy with your softwashing products and will be ordering some more shortly.

Joe Wadeson, Wadesons


Wadesons Blackwash soft washing sodium hypochlorite biocide


Transform Exterior Cleaning




I recently canvassed door-to-door to assess the market for softwashing. And it immediately became apparent that there’s a strong interest in many types of softwash cleaning including driveways, walls and roofs.

One up-market homeowner asked if I could do anything about their algae-infected rendering. Fortunately I’d come across Benz Softwash, compared your history/experience, absorbed the information you provide and utilised your support system.

I purchased some Benz Lightning Cleanze and softwashed the customer’s walls.

To say that the owners were delighted with the result would be an understatement, as previously they’d been at a loss as to what to do. In all my years of selling products into the domestic market, not once has anyone been more pleased to hand over payment.

I've bookings to clean many more walls, drives and roofs and expect to generate even more business over the coming months now that I’m more familiar with the Benz products and processes.

Peter Wardle, Transform Exterior Cleaning


I found your entire ethos and openness about softwashing amazing.

Your website is fantastic, the instructions and guidelines were incredibly detailed and the results I have achieved to date are great.  It's nice to see a company who is willing to go beyond expectations and provide the right information so openly.

I put together my own kit, Benz Softwash chemicals, water fed pole, Clarke pump, etc.  And by following your instructions have had amazing results. 

Thanks for all your help, I'll be sure to canvas your brand and continue to buy chemicals from you.

Andrew Caldwell, APC Cleaning


Soft washing wall render - before

Soft washing wall render

Softwashing wall render – after

Soft washing wall render

I thought I would send you some before and after pictures (above) of a recent job clean. Great to have products that work really well. Customers are over the moon with results, it's good to have job satisfaction again.

Joe McGrath, Eco Softwashing Services


Before soft washing                                          After soft washing

Just a quick update on the bad staining on the chimneys. Called around to check the cleaning progress on the house I did a few months ago. Amazing results!! All the black staining on the chimneys gone! Couldn't believe it. Red staining completely gone on the walls also.

My customer was thrilled with the results and I'm delighted that it cleaned up so well.

Paudie Lyons, Cleanlyons Exterior Cleaning


Stay safe with Benz Softwash Services

Benz Softwash Services cleans wall render, roofs, paths & drives, cobblelock, concrete, tarmac, wet pour safety surfaces, wood decking, fences and sheds.

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