The Benz Zapplicator – "All-in-One" portable softwash chemical application system

Ex vat $7,199.00 USD

The Benz Zapplicator

Unique "plug'n spray" softwash system!

Makes the dilution and delivery of soft wash chemical solutions easier, safer and more efficient than other soft washing systems

Perfect for professional soft washing

Chosen by:

  • Small, medium and large cleaning contractors
  • Facility management companies
  • Property management companies
  • Private estates and institutions

The Benz Zapplicator is a simple, easy to use and yet highly effective professional tool. Crafted from the highest quality materials and meticulously designed in every detail, it offers you easy, safe and accurate chemical dilution along with precision delivery to the surface you are treating.

*Your financial investment in the Zapplicator includes free personalised training via ongoing phone and email support

Benz Zapplicator all-in-one softwash chemicals application system for soft washing professionals

Quiet soft washing

Because it does not have a petrol or diesel pump, the Zapplicator is particularly suited for use in noise-sensitive areas. This advantage of the Zapplicator can be used as a strong sales point when you tender for new contracts.

Modular mobility

You'll be able to easily move the Zapplicator in and out of your van, and around your work-site, because it quickly separates into easily manageable modules, i.e. separate units, for transportation and one-person lifting.

Flexible functionality

By adding a "whip hose" or additional hose reels, to your Zapplicator you'll enjoy even greater functionality. You'll be able to tackle soft washing contracts with your Zapplicator left in your van, or wheeled closer to the surface you are treating.

The Zapplicator enables you to spray either or both of our softwash biocides: Benz Lightning Cleanze & Benz Bio Cleanze.

You'll even be able to use the Zapplicator to treat one area of a property, while another operator simultaneously rinses adjacent treated areas, or pre and post drenches plant life to protect your customer's plants from overspray and spray drift. 

Coupled with our non-drip connectors, triggers and nozzles, the Benz Zapplicator will enable you to safely and efficiently handle general soft washing, sterilisation, and disinfection of exterior hard surfaces – whether your contract is large or small. All without having to batch mix and pass chemicals through electric or petrol/diesel pumps.

Benz Zapplicator all-in-one softwash chemicals application system for soft washing professionals

Powered by water

Built around water-driven chemical injectors ("Dosatrons"), you simply connect the Zapplicator to a suitable water supply and you are good to go. It really couldn't be easier.

With a reliable water supply offering a flow rate of 5 lpm at 40 psi, you can simply "plug'n spray" our softwash biocides. This works well for small, medium and large contracts for soft washing roofs, render, patios and driveways.

Having a consistent supply of water enables two operators to spray at the same time, from one Zapplicator

A domestic water supply typically offers water pressure ranging from 30–80 psi and flow rates between 5–10 lpm and when you have this available the Zapplicator will run fine. However there may be times where the pressure drops to less than 30 psi, with a flow rate of less than 5 lpm.

If this happens, you may find it necessary to use a booster pump to provide the necessary flow rate for the optimal operation of the Zapplicator. A booster pump increases the water pressure and flow rate to ensure a consistent supply to the Zapplicator. The pump will normally be fed from a buffer tank, in a similar way to a pressure washing set up.

We sell two types of electric pumps to boost water pressure and flow rate to the Zapplicator

1) The Clarke 1200 SS pump delivers a high flow rate for chemical application, plus the safe and effective rinsing of plant life and sensitive building materials. It can also be used for the bulk rinsing of low elevation surfaces including facia, soffit, gutters, etc, which would normally require a pressure washer.

2) The Hypro 27 pump also delivers high flow rates for chemical application. And it will deliver high flow rates for bulk rinsing operations on larger, higher elevation soft wash contracts without the need for setting up a separate pressure washer. This offers you huge advantages over using a pressure washer, including reducing noise, fuel consumption and carbon emissions. 

Note: Water pressure and flow rates in commercial and industrial settings are typically higher than in the average domestic home, and in these situations a booster pump will usually not be required to power the Zapplicator.

Benz Zapplicator all-in-one softwash chemicals application system for soft washing professionals


Benz Zapplicator all-in-one softwash chemicals application system for soft washing professionals


Benz Zapplicator all-in-one softwash chemicals application system for soft washing professionals

Photos above: 1) The Zapplicator inside a light van with the hose reel rotated for easy use 2) The assembled Zapplicator ready for work 3) The Zapplicator disassembled for transport

What you need to know about the Benz Zapplicator, in a nutshell

  • Integrates with most of your existing equipment
  • Can get to areas that vans cannot
  • Can spray both Benz biocides – Lightning Cleanze and Bio Cleanze – at varying flow rates
  • Allows one operator to spray one biocide, e.g. Lightning Cleanze on paths, while another operator sprays another biocide, e.g. Bio Cleanze on a roof – at the same time and using just one Zapplicator
  • Allows one operator to apply a biocide while another uses the rinsing outlet (for rinsing treated surfaces and protecting plants from overspray through pre & post fresh water drenching)
  • By using an electric booster pump the Zapplicator reduces the operational noise associated with petrol and diesel powered pumps
  • Reduces health & safety risks that arise from having a van-mounted system parked on the side of road, with hoses trailing across roads, drives, flowerbeds and footpaths
  • In water-powered mode the Zapplicator contains no electrical parts that would be prone to burnout, corrosion and decay
  • When in booster-pump mode, no chemicals flow through the pumps
  • A hinged, swivelling and detachable hose reel makes it easy to roll out your hoses in any direction
  • Small enough to fit in light vans, alongside your window cleaning and pressure washing equipment
  • Easily set up and left on-site, freeing your van and staff for other tasks
  • Can be used with different water sources without damaging your mixing equipment
  • Can use tap or de-ionised water for rinsing
  • Can use window cleaning pumps from a van-mounted tank to power the Zapplicator, giving you even more operational flexibility
  • The modular construction enables easy and quick servicing, with parts that can be sourced internationally (we subscribe to the "Right to Repair" principle)
  • Is virtually unbreakable, thanks to the FrameFlo™ manifold that protects the dosing units and gauges and provides accessibility for adjustment to settings
  • The FrameFlo™ manifold greatly simplifies the plumbing, reducing the possibility of damage to pipework and subsequent leakage
  • The FrameFlo™ manifold, including all welds, is pressure-tested using the industry standard "Dye Penetrant" non-destructive testing process
  • A pressure washer can sometimes be useful for heavy rinsing of, for example, surface debris and leaves, but it's use can be vastly reduced
  • Offers a significant carbon footprint reduction compared to pressure washing, making the Zapplicator an ecologically responsible choice

Watch the short video below of the Zapplicator working and being loaded into a light van

How we designed the Benz Zapplicator

Our design goal was to create a soft washing application machine that can be fixed in a van and easily removed and set up on-site.

It had to be:

  • Easily portable by one person
  • Capable of safely and accurately diluting and delivering both types of our softwash biocides at our recommended dilutions
  • Robust and resistant to corrosion
  • Able to rinse treated surfaces
  • Able to pre & post drench plant life, to protect from chemical overspray
  • Adjustable for low and high flow rates
  • Easy and safe for employees to use
  • Able to run without electricity when in standard water-powered mode (which is sufficient for most industrial and commercial premises and many domestic properties with good water pressure)
  • Able to ensure chemicals do not come into contact with the pump when in booster pump mode (used when higher flow rates are required because of low on-site water pressure)
  • Easily and quickly serviceable

The challenges we faced and solutions we found

The primary challenges revolved around creating a unit with high mobility (i.e. easily moved around and re-positioned), protecting the dosing pumps, and creating a water distribution system that enables multiple operations to be carried out simultaneously, without complex plumbing.

For example, we wanted to give our cusomers a softwash system that could:

  • apply two chemicals simultaneously
  • pre and post-drench plant life
  • rinse treated building materials
  • feed ancillary equipment such as pressure washers

The subsequent complexity in plumbing that meeting these specifications entailed, led to the birth of the unique Benz Frameflo water distribution manifold.

The elements of the manifold (shown in the photos below) simplify plumbing by allowing the Zapplicator's frame to act as a manifold, or hub, to distribute water to various outlets as needed. This eliminates a lot of complicated piping, reduces the risk of pipeline damage and leakage, reduces the weight of the Zapplicator, and makes it easy to manoeuvrer when you are working on-site. 


Benz Zapplicator all-in-one softwash chemicals application system for soft washing professionals


Benz Zapplicator all-in-one softwash chemicals application system for soft washing professionals


We designed the frame to be light, mobile and able to protect the dosing pumps and pressure gauges while allowing easy access for servicing and adjusting the dilution settings.

The photos below show the Dosatron injectors mounted on heavy duty stainless steel brackets, which are themselves protected by the Zapplicator's stainless steel tubular frame

Benz Zapplicator all-in-one softwash chemicals application system for soft washing professionals


Benz Zapplicator all-in-one softwash chemicals application system for soft washing professionals


Built with the highest quality materials for rugged, long-lasting durability

We build Zapplicators using:

  • High-quality stainless steel brackets to mount the Dosatrons and gauges
  • 304-graded stainless steel pressure regulating valves, whereas most other softwash systems use cheap zinc electro-plated brass fittings, which tend to corrode
  • Oil-filled stainless steel pressure gauges for exceptional accuracy and sturdiness



We ship Zapplicators, and all our softwash equipment, anywhere in the world

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