How to remove limescale (calcium) from window glass (video how-to)

December 18, 2017

Benz Softwash Bio Cleanze DDAC biocide & Benz Softwash Lightning Cleanze SH sodium hypochlorite biocide

What is limescale?

Limescale is a deposit of calcium carbonate – the residue left behind by hard water.

Hard water is water that contains a high concentration of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind calcium carbonate deposits on window glass.

How to use Benz Oxy Cleanze to remove limescale from window glass

Benz Oxy Cleanze is the simplest, easiest and safest way to rapidly remove limescale from window class. No hard scrubbing or scraping required.

Watch the video below to see how quick and simple the process of removing limescale from glass with Oxy Cleanze:


Quick tip: A factor to be aware of is how long the limescale has been on the glass. After some years of exposure to sunlight it's possible that the limescale could become etched into the glass.

Therefore the wise approach is to make your customer aware of this possibility before you begin so they understand the situation. Then treat a small test area with Oxy Cleanze to determine the results you are likely to obtain. Get your customer's agreement that the result is satisfactory and their permission to treat the entire surface before continuing.


We hope this information is helpful.


Ben, Leo & Fiona


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Benz Softwash Bio Cleanze DDAC biocide & Benz Softwash Lightning Cleanze SH sodium hypochlorite biocide

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