How much, and when, should you invest in softwash equipment?

October 09, 2022 2 Comments

How much, and when, should you invest in softwash equipment?

There are softwash equipment companies who try to sell newcomers to soft washing many thousands of pounds worth of softwash equipment – before they've even got their first soft wash contract.

But in our experience, it's best to first invest in the minimum amount of soft washing equipment you actually need to get going, gain experience, and start earning good money. Money you can then re-invest in your business.

When you have some experience under your belt, and have a deeper understanding of the soft washing business, it will be time to carefully think about which softwash markets you want to aim at for expanding your business.

What soft washing markets do you want to focus on?

  • Domestic properties, e.g. houses, flats, large apartment complexes?
  • Commercial properties, e.g. offices, warehouses, pubs, hotels?
  • Roofs?
  • Wall render?
  • Garden walls?
  • Tarmac, block and concrete driveways?
  • Paths & patios, including block (e.g. cobblelock) paving and concrete slabbing?
  • Timber structures, e.g. decking, fences, sheds?
  • Artificial grass?
  • Tennis courts?
  • Play areas?
  • Boats?

Another important question to get clear on is this: "Will your soft washing business be full-time or an add-on to another business (e.g. window cleaning, office cleaning, gardening, painting, roofing, general building, property maintenance)?"

When you know exactly what you want from your soft washing business, make a plan of how you intend to achieve your goals. The primary tools you'll use to formulate your plan of action are clear, focused questions.

Apply these questions rigorously to yourself and your business ideas, allowing them to guide your thinking about your business, and you'll soon have all the information you need to make a watertight plan for success:

  • Who?
  • Why?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • How?

Then, when you are clear on which soft washing markets you want to focus on, and have clear plan for the growth of your business, it will be time to think about the specific equipment you need to take practical action.

Right now, you may like to explore how Benz high performance soft washing equipment can help you succeed in achieving your business goals:

Click here to visit our soft washing equipment page

Click here to explore our soft washing equipment guide.

We hope this information is helpful and sincerely wish you great success in your soft washing business,

Ben, Leo, Fiona, Stevie & Anthony

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PS: Click here to set up your "Clean & Maintain" programme
. After completing an initial soft wash treatment, put your customer on a "Clean & Maintain" ongoing maintenance programme. Your customers will enjoy a permanently clean property and you will enjoy a steady stream of repeat business.

This is clearly a win-win arrangement for you and your customers.


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Benz Softwash Bio Cleanze DDAC biocide & Benz Softwash Lightning Cleanze SH sodium hypochlorite biocide

2 Responses


November 20, 2018

Hi Gareth,

Yes, you can start with a backpack. Wear chemical resistant clothing as they can leak. Also fit your backpack with Viton chemical resistant seals.

Please download our Product Documentation Pack, which contains detailed information about calculating the amount of softwash product you will need for this job, and for all jobs to come (copy this link into your browser):

Depending on the severity of the infestation, and how fast your customer wants results, you may be wise to treat with Benz Lightning Cleanze first and follow up with Benz Bio Cleanze. This double treatment is important if your customer is going to seal the render, as if the surface is not fully sanitised he could end up sealing in spores.

If you send photos via we could advise further. (Also, using our email address is the best way to contact us ongoing).

I hope this info helps and wish you success with your new softwashing business.




November 20, 2018

Hi. I’ve been asked to softwash the front of two houses. They aren’t really that dirty to be fair. But he wants me to do it, so who am I to complain. He is then going to seal them.
I am only just starting out, and I only have a gardener backpack. Will this go for now?
Also, how much Benz bio clear will I need?
They are basic houses and standard height.

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