Will Benz softwash products harm rubber and metal trim around windows and doors?

November 03, 2019

Benz Softwash biocides and softwash cleaning products
A customer asked us: "Will your products harm windows and doors when softwashing a house? I'm thinking of the rubber trim, metal handles, etc?"

We replied:

Benz Bio Cleanze is safe for all known surfaces at our recommended dilution rates.

Benz Lightning Cleanze is categorised as non-corrosive to metals and rubber when used at a dilution of 10:1.

If you use Lightning Cleanze at higher dilution rates – say 5:1 or, exceptionally, 4:1 – then we recommend rinsing metal and rubber immediately prior to application and immediately after.

And use skillful spray techniques to minimise chemical contact with rubber and metal fittings.

We've experienced no problems using this approach, nor have any of our softwash contractor customers reported any problems.

For contractors who are unsure of their ability to direct the spray accurately enough to keep the product away from vulnerable doors and windows, we suggest leaving these until last and completing them by brushing rather than spraying.

We hope this information is helpful,


Ben, Leo & Fiona

PS: After completing the first softwash treatment, put your customer on a "Clean & Maintain" ongoing maintenance programme.

Customers will enjoy a permanently clean property and contractors will enjoy a steady stream of repeat business. A win-win arrangement for both customer and contractor.


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