What's the difference between Tornado Cleanze and Lightning Cleanze?

April 21, 2021

What's the difference between Tornado Cleanze and Lightning Cleanze?
Several customers have asked about the difference between Benz Tornado Cleanze and Lightning Cleanze. The active ingredient in both (sodium hypochlorite) is the same, so why choose one product over the other?

What is Tornado Cleanze?

Tornado Cleanze is a thick gel used for treating particularly tough staining, mainly (though not exclusively) black. It comes into it's own when treating stone or concrete window sills and surrounds, stone or concrete capping stones, etc. 

The gel allows Tornado Cleanze to "stick" to surfaces for longer, increasing it's effectiveness through prolonged contact with the biofilm. This quality is especially valuable when treating the vertical uprights of window surrounds, badly colonised render and garden walls.

It can be used to "spot treat" areas of severe colonisation if an initial treatment with Lightning Cleanze shows this to be necessary.

It also has exceptional power for treating black lichen (black spot) on paths and patios.

What is Lightning Cleanze?

Lighting Cleanze is a thinner product, enabling it to be applied via a water fed pole (WFP). It is used for the first cleaning of exterior hard surfaces, particularly wall render, when a faster result is needed than Bio Cleanze alone can offer.

Also on any surface when the infestation is too severe for it to be practicable to use Bio Cleanze as a first treatment, or when a customer wants the fastest possible result.

Once a surface has been properly treated and the biofilm removed using Tornado Cleanze and/or Lightning Cleanze, ongoing Bio Cleanze treatments – using our "Clean & Maintain" softwash systems – are usually all that is required to keep a property permanently clean.

The Benz "Clean & Maintain" softwash systems

Offering your customers a "Clean & Maintain" ongoing maintenance programme is a win-win service. It gives your customers a permanently clean property and you, the contractor, a source of regular repeat business.

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The Benz Product Documentation & Application Guides

We've detailed the dilution ratios and activation times for all our products on the individual product pages and in our application guides.

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Click the links below to get information about soft washing render:

You will also find our full colour, illustrated how-to paperback "Render Cleaning Softwash Manual" an excellent investment
Click the links below to get information about soft washing roofs:
  1. General info on soft washing roofs
  2. Specific issues relating to soft washing roofs

All of us here at Benz Softwash wish you great success in building your soft washing business.

Cheers from the Benz team,

Ben, Leo, Fiona, Stevie & Antony


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