Ben demonstrates the best softwashing equipment for treating roofs

June 03, 2021

Ben demonstrates the best softwashing equipment for treating roofs

When soft washing a roof you need a safe and efficient way to apply the chemicals. Watch the video below in which Ben demonstrates the softwashing equipment he uses and explains the purpose of everything from the brush head, to a unique flow control valve (patent applied for), to non-drip couplings, to a "whip hose".

Quick tip: When soft washing a slate roof the brush helps to reduce the run-off of chemical into the gutters. It also agitates the biofilm, helping to increase penetration and speed up activation.

On a concrete or clay tiled roof the chemical quickly soaks into the porous surfaces and run off is not normally a problem. This is why Ben generally use a spray nozzle and not a brush to apply the chemical on porous roof surfaces.

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Benz soft washing how-to videos cover every aspect of soft washing. We show you how to soft wash roofs, paths, patios and drives, tarmac, concrete, wall render (KRend, Monocouche, Weber, sand & cement, etc), wet pour safety surfaces, industrial cladding, tennis courts, car parks, wood decking, fences, sheds and more ...



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We wish you great success in your soft washing business.

Ben, Leo & Fiona

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