How to convert your wfp to a power/pressure washing pole

July 04, 2021

Convert a water fed pole to a power (pressure, jet) washing pole for power washing and soft washing

In this short video Ben demonstrates how to transform a 35ft carbon fibre water fed pole into a pressure (aka power or jet) washing pole.

The conversion kit uniquely uses Benz Softwash patent-pending technology to make the trigger adjustable up and down the bottom section of the pole. This means:

1) The sliding trigger is far easier and more convenient to use than fixed triggers

2) The enhanced balance ensures a significant reduction of physical strain

3) You have more rapid access to your wfp telescopic clamps


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Benz soft washing how-to videos cover every aspect of soft washing. We show you how to soft wash roofs, paths, patios and drives, tarmac, concrete, wall render (KRend, Monocouche, Weber, sand & cement, etc), wet pour safety surfaces, industrial cladding, tennis courts, car parks, wood decking, fences, sheds and more ...

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We sincerely wish you great success in your soft washing business. 


Ben, Leo & Fiona 

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