Softwash equipment: Softwashing van – Part 3 – waterproofing (video)

January 19, 2021

Benz Softwash van build ep3 - waterproofing

In this third video in our "Building a Softwashing Van" series, Ben waterproofs the van floor.

To do this he has to complete some preparatory tasks that must be done first to ensure there are no leaks further down the line.

To achieve a completely waterproof van floor he seals it with epoxy resin, glassfibre cloth and Protectakote rubberised non-slip paint.

"Just watched the van floor waterproofing. Super work done by Ben with every detail covered down to sealing the bolt holes underneath the van. Well done, and great service." Chris Cremin

In the next video the van begins to come together as he begins the nitty gritty work of installing the soft wash equipment.

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We sincerely hope this video inspires you to succeed in your soft washing business.


Ben, Leo & Fiona

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