Why can surfaces turn temporarily orange after soft washing?

June 04, 2020

Why do surfaces turn temporarily orange after soft washing?

In the video below Ben demonstrates the temporary effect of soft washing with Benz Bio Cleanze that can occur on some surfaces – especially concrete and wall render – when applied in hot weather.

Black algae contains a dye that protects it from the sun’s UV (ultra-violet) rays. This often leaches out when soft washing in very hot temperatures.

To a new softwash contractor or home owner this can be disconcerting. But this is quite normal and shows that the product is working really well.

The primary task of Bio Cleanze is that of killing the growths that give rise to the unsightly “dirty” appearance of external hard surfaces.

Bio Cleanze will do an excellent job of killing the growths through a range of ambient temperatures from 8-30 degrees C. But it’s worth noting that the secondary effect of “natural self-cleansing’ happens faster when a softwash treatment is given in warmer temperatures.

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