WINDOW CLEANZE – Window cleaning additive: Enhances the power of de-ionised pure water, when added to your water tank after DI resin.

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Removes birds mess, general dirt, traffic film and snail trails from glass and frames easily and quickly


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Perfect for WFP window cleaning systems


“It’s great stuff. I have used other additives but prefer the smell and bottle of Window Cleanze. I have a lot of faith in Benz products.” Graham Love, Whitehouse Outdoor Services

Using Benz Window Cleanze, you'll notice birds mess, general dirt, traffic film and snail trails clean from glass and frames much more easily and quickly with far less effort.

This means you can work faster and get more work done, therefore substantially increasing your earnings.


Watch this video to see how simple and easy it is to use Window Cleanze


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Window Cleanze is a water fed pole window cleaning additive. It enables faster cleaning and a more consistent result.

Does not increase Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

"I used Window Cleanze today and to be honest I didn't think 5ml in my 500L pure water tank would make a difference. 

"What a surprise! 
The brush glided more easily across the glass. It made it more efficient and quicker to remove bird mess and snail trials. 
It enabled me to work quicker and I used less water.

"The BIG question was: Can you use Window Cleanze before the DI vessel (resin)?
 YES YOU CAN! I used 350L of pure water, tds is the same, and it didn't affect the resin. Your product is great!"  Ben Merigaux, Jurassic Coast Window Cleaning

Adding Window Cleanze to purified water helps some types of glass become more hydrophillic. For the types of glass that respond, you'll be amazed at how your brush will much more easily glide across the glass.

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What's the daily cost of Window Cleanze?

Because it's highly concentrated Window Cleanze only costs 0.25 - 0.75 euros/pounds a day. This assumes a dosing ratio of 1-5ml per 100L of pure water and a window cleaner using 500L of water per day.

"I've been using Benz Window Cleanze for the last few weeks and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It cleans the windows so much faster and really helps the frames. I love it"  Tim Anderson, TruWASH

Dilution Guide

Window Cleanze is highly concentrated and comes in 500ml containers complete with a dosing section for easy and quick measurement. And each order comes with a free syringe for micro-dosing small quantities of de-ionised water.

Water fed pole:

  • Add 1-5ml of Window Cleanze to 100L of water
  • Use 1-3ml for regular monthly cleans and up to 5ml for first cleans

Dosing procedure:

  1. Remove cap from the graduated measuring compartment of the bottle
  2. Squeeze the main body of the bottle and fill the measuring container
  3. Simply pour directly from the bottle's measuring compartment of large containers, or use the included syringe to inject Window Cleanze into smaller containers


Window Cleanze enables you to do a better job, faster – and so earn more money

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Advantages of adding Window Cleanze to purified (de-ionised) water

Important: Add Window Cleanze to your de-ionised water after your DI resin filter-vessel.

  • Adds extra cleaning power to purified water
    • A drop goes a long way
    • Cleans faster than pure water alone
    • Birds mess dissolves more easily
    • Snail trails disappear without a trace
    • Spider's poo on frames effortlessly scrubs off
    •  uPVC frames clean up whiter
    • Reduced "spotting" + enhanced sheen
    • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) unaltered
    • Some windows become more hydrophilic (water loving), making them easier to clean and leaving them gleaming
    • First cleans are much easier and results much better
    • Sets your window cleaning service above your competition
    • Easier working – therefore less strain on your body
    • Final rinsing takes less time


    Window Cleanze helps remove birds mess and snails trails easily and quickly

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    Window Cleanze does more than clean windows

    Water fed pole window cleaning, purified water, de-ionised water, WFP

    Window Cleanze makes all glass surfaces sparkle, including:

    • mirrors
    • solar panels
    • conservatories
    • greenhouses
    • vehicle glass

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    What's special about the Benz Bottle?

    • Easy and simple to use
    • Fast measuring and pouring
    • Dispenses the exact quantity of Window Cleanze without making you to think
    • Reduces time and hassle – saving you money (because "time is money"!)


    Why professional window cleaners choose Window Cleanze

    • Because we are a family business of window cleaners and know the window cleaning business back to front and inside out.
    • Because we developed Window Cleanze for use in our own window cleaning business and have proved it's effectiveness through hundreds of hours of testing.
    • Because we offer full customer support via email and phone.

    Your customers will love their sparkling clean windows

    Benz Window Cleanze increase the cleaning power of purified (de-ionised) water for water fed pole (WFP) window cleaningYou'll be able to bring up the outsides and insides of your customer's windows to a sparkling shine.

    Mirrors come up to a spotless clarity.

    Quick tip: Window Cleanze is biodegradalbe, which many customers are demanding today.


    Application guide

    After adding Window Cleanze to your de-ionised water, clean windows as normal. You'll notice how much easier it is to clean the glass and the frames. And you'll notice how bird's mess and snail trails dissolve much more quickly.

    Btw: Window Cleanze treated water may leach more residual dirt from the window seals than does de-ionised water alone. No problem, just give an extra rinse during the first clean.

    Also, you may notice "bubbles" streaming down the glass. This is normal.

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    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Is Benz Window Cleanze biodegradable?

    Yes. Many customers now choose biodegradable products whenever they can and look favourably on contractors who use them.

    How long will a bottle of Benz Window Cleanze last?

    This varies according to dosage and the quantity of water used. One 500ml bottle will treat up to 50,000 litres of water, so if you use 1000 litres a week one bottle will last you up to 12 months.

    What Dosage Should I Use?

    We recommend 1-3 ml per 100 L of water (5-10 ml in a 500 L tank).

    Use 3ml if you have a lot of first cleans do do on a particular day. For regular, repeat cleans 1-2ml will be fine, with 2ml being the most common.

    Experiment with increasing and decreasing the dosage, as different environments and qualities of glass have differing requirements. Start at the lowest level and gradually increase until you find the optimum strength.

    Can Window Cleanze be used to clean uPVC?

    Yes. You can use Window Cleanze on all surfaces, including uPVC and conservatory roofs.

    Allowing it to activate for a short time will enhance its effectiveness, as is the case with all surfactants, but is not essential. 

    When cleaning windows for example there is no necessity to allow Window Cleanze to activate. Simply add it to your de-ionised water and work normally, treating the sills and frames at the same time, as an integral part of the cleaning process.

    Quick tip: For cleaning uPVC sills, frames, soffit, fascia and gutters that are seriously dirty we recommend first treating them with Benz Lightning Cleanze diluted 10:1.

    Use Window Cleanze for ongoing, regular cleaning to keep uPVC looking good.

    Click here to read our Trade Tips post dedicated to cleaning windows, uPVC frames, gutters, facia & soffit with Window Cleanze

    Can Window Cleanse be used in warm water?

    Yes. Warm water enables Window Cleanze to clean even more deeply.

    Does Window Cleanse affect TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)?


    Can Window Cleanze be used to clean the insides of windows?


    Can Window Cleanze be used to clean mirrors?


    What does Window Cleanze smell like?

    Concentrated Window Cleanze has a pleasant aroma. You'll notice this when using it at high dilution, although at low dilution it may not be so noticeable.

    Does Window Cleanze make glass more hydrophilic?

    Window Cleanze can improve the sheeting on some hydrophobic glass, which enables the glass to rinse more easily at lower flow rates. The level of improvement depends on the nature of the glass and level of dosage.

    Should I add Window Cleanze to my de-ionised water before or after my DI?
    Add Window Cleanze after your DI resin filter-vessel.

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    • 500ml
    • Complete with built-in measuring compartment
    • Free dosing syringe included


    • Shelf life approximately 2 years
    • Store at room temperature
    • Store out of reach of children and animals
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    Delivery restrictions

    Due to restrictions placed upon us by shipping companies, we are unable to deliver to UK offshore locations through our standard shipping arrangements. These include (but are not limited to):

    • Isle of Man
    • Isle of Wight
    • Channel Islands
    • Scottish Islands

    Orders placed for these locations, and not previously cleared by us, will unfortunately have to be cancelled. If you have a specific item that you need and live within one of these areas, feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help you, but do note that surcharges will have to apply.


    Health & Safety

      • Keep away from children and animals
      • Keep container closed when not in use

    Adhere to the SDS. Follow product labelling instructions to ensure avoidance of injury to humans and animals.

    Designed for WFP window cleaning systems 

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    Benz window cleanze, performance additive for water fed pole (WFP) window cleaning systems