Why softwash run-off should NEVER be directed into a septic tank or reed bed

May 12, 2023 1 Comment

Why softwash run-off should NEVER be directed into a septic tank or reed bed

Septic tanks and reed beds depend on micro-organisms – such as bacteria, fungi and algae – to break down sewage. That's fine and under normal circumstances they do their job and all's well with the world.

However ...

The Problem

The problem with soft washing around septic tanks and reed beds arises because soft washing chemicals are designed to kill these same micro-organisms.

So if soft washing chemical run-off goes into a customer's septic tank or reed bed it will destroy the biological environment that safely breaks down the sewage.

This means the efficiency of the sewage treatment system will at the very least be severely impaired and it could quite likely stop working altogether.

Clearly, the customer will not be happy when, a few weeks after a contractor has cleaned their property, they discover their nice clean house came at the cost of their septic tank or reed bed ...


So what's the solution?

The simple solution is, when pricing a job, to ask a customer if they a) have a septic tank or reed bed b) where it is situated.

Then simply ensure that soft washing chemical run-off stays well clear of their sewage system. If necessary re-direct the run-off to a foul drain, if available, or to a safe location where it can be pumped into containers and transported away from the site for safe disposal.


We hope this information is helpful and sincerely wish you great success in your soft washing business,

Ben, Leo, Fiona, Stevie & Anthony

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1 Response

Amy Saunders
Amy Saunders

January 02, 2023

Hi! Reading this article makes me wonder when was the last time I got the sewage system for my house checked, and I’m sure it’s been a while. Thanks for showing us that we should avoid washing our septic tank using soft chemicals so it won’t easily malfunction. I’ll call a plumber to look further into the matter and make any necessary repair. https://www.genossepticservice.com/services.html

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