How to build a soft washing van – Part 4 (video)

May 08, 2021

How to build a soft washing van

It's here! We know there's been a long gap since we published Part 3 and we thank you for your patience.

In this video we install the water tanks, which will be used for window cleaning and for small soft washing jobs.

We also organise a storage system for our water fed pole brushes, upgrade the van interior lighting and start work on construction an internal ladder rack.


The reasons for the delay in getting this video to you were the massively time-consuming work needed to a) handle the Covid regs b) deal with Brexit bureaucracy so we can continue running our business.

The other factor is that sales are 50% up on last year, so Fiona and Ben have been rushed off their feet (but given that the whole Benz team is now part of a profit-sharing scheme, not something they are complaining about!).

Let us know what you think of the progress so far by posting a comment below.

We wish you great success in your soft washing business.


Ben, Leo & Fiona

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