FACELIFT TELESCOPIC POLES: For soft washing & window cleaning

Ex vat $332.00 USD

We sell two types of Facelift water fed pole:

  1. The full carbon "Phantom" in various sizes
  2. The 30ft aluminium "Renegade"

Both are fitted with anti-spin clamps.

The "Phantom" is a full carbon water fed pole used extensively by the soft washing and window cleaning trades. It's light weight combined with excellent rigidity make this a good choice for soft washing.

The 35ft Phantom is a popular choice to use as a telescopic pressure washing pole (for rinsing and high-level power washing).  We will have a water fed pole adapter kit available soon.

The 30ft "Renegade" is a hard wearing budget water fed pole made from aluminium. It's a popular choice for scraping roofs with our roof moss scrapers.

In our experience it can withstand the punishment of roof scraping better than a carbon pole.

It is however far heavier which is fine for scraping most roofs as the weight is supported by the scraper head. But it is not the best pole for soft washing or window cleaning because the extra weight increases the stress and fatigue on the operator compared to a carbon pole.