BACKPACK SPRAYER - The simplest and easiest way to start soft washing

Ex vat $200.00 USD

FaceLift® BigBoy 2 backpack is designed for pure water window cleaning and is often used for batch mixing and delivering softwash mixes using its 60psi pump.

This backpack is an excellent choice for those starting out in soft washing, as well as for treating test patches and reaching awkward access areas.

  • Can be used with any of our Benz triggers and lances
  • Delivers perfect pressure and flow rate for render treatments, small to medium sized roofs, facia, soffit, gutters, etc

The backpack can be easily fitted with our non-drip couplings, Hozelock, Rectus 21, Ez-Snap and other connectors, allowing you to customise the connections.

Watch the video below to see the backpack in use:

Quick Tip: The backpack is designed for use with water and is not warrantied for chemical use. To ensure the longevity of your backpack, we recommend cleaning it with fresh water and flushing through after each use involving chemicals.