BENZ NON-DRIP WHIP HOSE: For professional soft washing & window cleaning

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    Watch the video below to see Ben demonstrate how to use a "whip hose". Learn how it connects your hose reel to your pole valves. And why a whip hose is so useful when soft washing a roof.

    A whip hose is a very lightweight, 8mm hose fitted with a non-drip plug and non-drip coupling that connects the hose reel to your pole valve. 


    Quick tip: The same principles apply when using the whip hose for treating render and other surfaces.

    The light weight of the whip hose reduces user fatigue, and also strain on the non-drip plugs that are fitted to our adjustable pole valves.

    How to order your whip hose

    From the dropdown menu please select a non-drip coupling to suit the type of hose on your hose reel.

    Alternatively select the 1/4 BSP stainless steel plug if you use  the common 1/4 BSP stainless coupling on your hose reel, and would like to keep using this BSP coupling with your other equipment.

    IMPORTANT: The stainless steel plug is not non-drip. Email us if you would like a different fitting on your whip end and we can custom fabricate for you.