Should through-colour/pre-coloured render be painted? (video)

March 17, 2022

Should you paint through-colour (aka pre-coloured) render

Watch Ben demonstrate the best professional practices for soft washing painted through-colour (pre-coloured) render such as Krend.

Through-colour (aka pre-coloured) render, such as Krend, is designed to be low maintenance and does not normally need to be painted. It can be easily maintained using Benz Softwash biocidal cleaning products and equipment.

However some people do not know this and so they paint through-colour render without realising the long-term consequences.

In this video you'll learn professional how-to techniques for soft washing painted through-colour (pre-coloured) render


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Should you paint a true colour render? 99 times out of out of 100 do not paint through-coloured render (aka pre-coloured render). It can be done but it needs cleaning first. There are specialist primers available and painting systems to put on afterwards.

How do we clean through-coloured render if it's been painted? The render has often been painted not knowing that it could have been restored prior using soft wash methods. So if you think you have to paint a through-colour render, clean it first so you can see what you're dealing with.

Manage customer's expectations. They may not know that their through-colour render has been painted. You need to identify that first of all.

You can see where the paint's either been missed and there might be some algae in there, or you might see the the actual difference in shade of the true colour behind it. If the customer is expecting a brand-new rendered finish after you cleaned it, it will be impossible if the original through-colour shows behind the paint.

You can see the through-colour render behind the painted surface and you can still see the through-colour render behind the paint where it has not been painted. You are not going to get the fully restored finish that you can get when restoring unpainted render.

Once you've identified that the render has been painted, manage the customers expectations.

What you can offer the customer is to refresh their current paintwork and also clean any areas where you can still get to which have not been painted. This will dramatically improve the look of the surface and also get it ready for repainting should they wish to do that.

Once you start painting a through-coloured render you have to keep painting it the same as you would any other render every four or five years to keep it looking fresh. But like paintwork it can be freshened up with soft wash techniques. We clean off all organic materials as much as we can and we give it a good rinse down.

We also apply Benz Bio Cleanze at 50:1. It kills any remaining organic growth and promote further cleaning over time as well. You'll see flaky paint where the render was not pre-cleaned prior to painting.

To first clean the property we used Benz Lightning Cleanze at 5:1. We sprayed all elevations and then we brushed in at 4:1 before rinsing with our rinsing nozzle. The front elevation had lots of lichen, so after brushing we applied some Benz Tornado Cleanze. The lichen will continue to disperse in the coming weeks and months.

Happy soft washing!

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