How can you prevent "clean streaks" on a tarmac path when softwashing render?

October 10, 2020 4 Comments

How to avoid clean streaks on tarmac when soft washing wall render

When soft washing wall render the run-off can create "clean streaks" on an adjacent tarmac path or drive. In this video Ben shows you the simple, free and highly effective way to prevent clean streaks appearing on a tarmac path or drive.


How to deal with run-off "clean streaks" on tarmac?

A light power washing can sometimes help remedy the situation.

Another remedial approach, as a last resort, can be to treat the entire tarmac area with Lightning Cleanze at 10:1 and hope the colouring evens out and disguises the streaks.

Quick tip: Your customer may or may not like the change in colouring of their tarmac. So always treat a small test area and get their agreement that the effect is acceptable to them before continuing.

The ultimate solution is "prevention rather than cure".

  1. Protect the tarmac where it's likely to receive run-off by copiously pre, during and post drenching the tarmac with fresh water (same way you protect lawns and plants).
  2. And if run-off is likely to be very heavy, or your customer is particularly sensitive, cover the tarmac with a tarpaulin after pre-drenching. Then post drench after removing the tarpaulin.

We hope this information is helpful and sincerely wish you great success in your soft washing business,

Ben, Leo, Fiona, Stevie & Anthony

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4 Responses

Leo Searle-Hawkins
Leo Searle-Hawkins

December 08, 2020

Hi Michael – I responded to the same question you asked via email this morning.

Michael Barry
Michael Barry

December 08, 2020

Hi I have concrete paths to clean tomorrow
Can I use the lighting clean
And how do I apply is
I have gardnier backpack/
Also there is small tarmac driveway in front of the house 🏠
How best to avoid
And clean the tarmac of weeds

Leo Searle-Hawkins
Leo Searle-Hawkins

November 11, 2020

HI James – he’s using a Benz 10 nozzle fitted to a standard water-fed pole:

James Sheridan
James Sheridan

November 11, 2020


Where did you get the spray gut applicator your guy in the background was using?



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