Should you use Rust Cleanze or Oxy Cleanze to treat rust & remove rust stains?

May 17, 2023

Should you use Rust Cleanze or Oxy Cleanze to treat rust & remove rust stains?

Looking for the best rust treatment product? Look no further than our two top-performing products: Oxy Cleanze and Rust Cleanze. Each has its own unique advantages, so read on to find out which one is right for you.

When deciding between Oxy Cleanze and Rust Cleanze as your preferred rust treatment system you should take into account the following pros and cons of each rust removal product.

When to use Rust Cleanze

Use Rust Cleanze on surfaces that can be adversely affected by acid-based rust treatment products, such as: 
    • Concrete
    • Sandstone
    • Limestone
    • Most other materials that would be adversely affected by acid treatments

    The chemical formulation of Rust Cleanze makes it perfect for use on surfaces such as concrete, limestone and sandstone, which can be damaged by acid-based rust stain removal products.

    Plus, because Rust Cleanze is PH neutral, you can be sure that it won't damage relatively delicate surfaces.

    Advantages of Rust Cleanze

    1. Rust Cleanze is PH neutral so it does not harm surfaces that would be damaged by acid-based rust removers.
    2. Rust Cleanze produces minimal whitening when used to remove rust stains from concrete.

    Because Rust Cleanze produces little or no whitening when removing rust stains from concrete, it is our product of choice for removing rust and iron sulphate staining from concrete.

    Treating exceptionally severe rust stains: In cases where concrete has been severely stained by iron sulphate or lawn fertiliser and left for an extended period, it may be necessary to apply up to three treatments of Rust Cleanze. Even after three treatments there may be residual stains.

    To remove the last of the stains, a final application of diluted Oxy Cleanze, mixed at a 1:1 ratio with water, is recommended. This will effectively treat and eliminate any remaining rust stains, resulting in a brighter freshly cured appearance.

    Depending on the situation, treating the entire concrete surface with the diluted Oxy Cleanze may be necessary to ensure visual consistency across the area.

    Keep in mind these guidelines for optimal results in treating and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the concrete and the fact that brightened concrete will naturally dull through time.

    When to use Oxy Cleanze


     Use Oxy Cleanze to remove rust stains from smooth surfaces such as:


      • Coated industrial cladding
      • Painted surfaces
      • Stainless steel
      • GRP boat hull oxidation
      • As a rust killer/treatment on steel and cast iron (including car bodies and cast iron gutters and downpipes)
      • 1:1 dilution with water to brighten concrete.

      Because Oxy Cleanze is thicker and stickier than Rust Cleanze, it is ideal for removing rust stains from smooth vertical surfaces, such as coated industrial cladding and painted surfaces.

      Oxy Cleanze's thick, sticky nature also makes it the perfect product for removing rust stains from stainless steel and GRP boat hulls.

      Advantages of Oxy Cleanze

      1. Oxy Cleanze is thick and sticky, which makes it highly effective when used to treat stains on smooth surfaces such as paint and cladding.
      2. Oxy Cleanze is great for treating rust stains on stainless steel and GRP boat hulls, and it's also superb for removing the stain of GRP oxidation from GRP boats.

      Quick tip:
      Porous surfaces that have been exposed to iron sulphate in the past, but on which the stain has faded, may turn light brown following a Rust Cleanze treatment. This can be caused by some residual iron sulphate remaining deep in the substrate. You can usually remove this brown stain simply by giving it another treatment of Rust Cleanze, or a treatment of 1:1 diluted Oxy Cleanze (as explained above in the section: "Treating exceptionally severe rust stains").

      We hope this information is helpful and sincerely wish you great success in your soft washing business,

      Team Benz

      Important: With your customer's permission, always treat a small test area of the surface you intend to treat with either Rust Cleanze or Oxy Cleanze.

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