BENZ SLIDING WFP VALVE: Pole valve for applying softwash chemicals to roofs and render.

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    This pole clamp and valve assembly fits to water fed poles (WFP). It makes it possible to more efficiently and safely soft wash roofs than any other valve assembly we know of. The sliding action is especially beneficial for maintaining balance of the pole while treating roofs.

    Watch this video to see the Benz adjustable pole valve in action



    Watch the video below to learn how to set up your pole valve on a water fed pole



    Benz adjustable pole valves are designed specifically to fit each make of pole and pole size.

    Select the pole make and size you want from the dropdown ordering menu.

    Email us if you want a valve for a make, model or size of pole that's not listed. 

    Choose a Whip hose to go with you pole here:

    Patent application number: GB2102925.1


    Quick tip: Our adjustable pole valves are compatible with Benz chemical products at the dilutions we recommend. As with all equipment used with Lighting Cleanze, or other sodium hypochlorite products, it is essential that the valve is flushed through with fresh water as soon as you have finished using it. This avoids the build up of potentially harmful salt deposits.

    You can order Benz softwash chemicals & equipment online or by phone:

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