BIO CLEANZE – 50% ddac softwash biocide: Treats the biofilm on roofs, render, walls, patios, paths & naturally deep cleans over time.

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Bio Cleanze treats a range of biological growths (e.g. algae, lichen, fungi & mould) that cause red, green, yellow and black staining


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    Long-term protection built-in, so surfaces stay cleaner, for longer



    Watch the short (1 min) video above to see the dramatic results of soft washing with Bio Cleanze


    Bio Cleanze is the strongest government approved softwash biocide of its type available in the UK and Ireland – with a full 50% active ingredient (DDAC)


    Bio Cleanze is fully approved by:

      • The Irish Pesticides Registration & Controls Service (PRCD) for use in Ireland. Certificate number: 98070
        • The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for use in the UK. Certificate number: 9936
          It conforms to the Global Harmonised System (GHS) for product labelling.
          And is fully compliant with "REACH" (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of CHemicals) regulations for cleaning exterior hard surfaces.


          Click here to read detailed technical information about Benz Bio Cleanze 


          Bio Cleanze is kind to surfaces and more cost-effective than power washing

          “Our paths were washed and treated with Benz Bio Cleanze in November 2013. Now 16 months on they are still immaculate and look like they were just done yesterday! There were no streaks like we used to have when we power-washed ourselves and no splashing on the plinth or walls. A truly fabulous job and I highly recommend it.” Aoife Barry, Cork, Ireland

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          Bio Cleanze is a high quality, professional-grade softwash product

          • The powerful active ingredient is a similar purity to that used to disinfect hospitals
            • Can be used in conjunction with power washing as a post-treatment, or as a stand alone soft wash solution

            • Has a "residual biocide" ability to prevent re-colonisation of porous surfaces

            • Fully biodegradable
            • Does not bio-accumulate
            • Ph neutral, so safe for materials and gentle on people

            • Controls algae, lichen, fungi and mould

            • Non-bleaching (contains no bleach or acids)
            • Not affected by hard or mineralised water
            • Harmless to all known building materials
            • Can be used as a pre-painting primer to kill algae and mould spores
            • Helps control wet and dry rot on wooden buildings, sheds, fences and decking
            • Soaks deep into porous surfaces – killing the micro-organisms responsible for unsightly discolouring, and potential structural damage – because of its low surface tension, which makes it an excellent "wetting agent"

            More technical information: Click here for more technical info

            Bleach and phosphate-free, with a neutral pH


            Historic buildings: Benz Bio Cleanze – along with Benz Lightning Cleanze – is a powerful and yet non-aggressive way to care for the surfaces of our historic properties. It contains no solvents or compounds that could adversely affect the materials or coatings used in these valuable old buildings.

            “I am truly impressed by just how clean the pavement slabs are in my drive. I got it cleaned last July and it is now long passed Easter – and following the winter weather it is still unbelievably clean. The products used to clean the drive are second to none, so gentle, non-abrasive but remarkably effective. I cannot recommend this product – Benz Bio Cleanze – highly enough." Muireann Curtin, Cork, Ireland

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            Controls algae, lichen, mould and fungi – allowing surfaces to naturally rejuvenate


            Bio Cleanze is effective and safe to use on

            Just spray or brush – then walk away!


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            Calculating the coverage of Bio Cleanze

            Please note: We give the following information for those new to softwashing to have a starting point when learning how to apply Bio Cleanze.

            In actual practice experience is the ultimate guide because multiple factors need to be taken into account, such as:

            • Type of material being treated
            • Area in square metres to be treated
            • Porosity of the surface
            • Type and severity of colonisation
            • How long the colonisation has been allowed to grow into the surface
            • How long since the property was last cleaned
            • The local environment, e.g. surrounding trees, temperature
            • Presence of children and animals
            • ... and so on

            Dilution ratios

            1 Litre of neat Bio Cleanze makes 40 litres of mix for winter work (40:1) and 50 litres in the summer (50:1).

            1 Litre of mix will cover approximately 4 square metres. Therefore you can expect 40-50 litres of mix to cover 160 - 200 square metres.


            Application guidance

              • RAIN: It's best not to treat a surface if rain is likely within 8 hours of application.
              • HOT WEATHER: It is often a good idea to lightly wet the surface to cool it down before applying Bio Cleanze (to minimise "boil off").

              • COLD WEATHER: For best results apply in temperatures above 8 degrees C (because results can be inconsistent below this point). At lower temperatures a longer activation time may be needed and/or a stronger dilution – but only if safe to do so.
              • DILUTION: Can be applied from 20:1 to 50:1 depending on the degree of colonisation. Do not apply at higher than 50:1 if children and animals will walk on the surface, and allow the surface to dry completely, and without pooling, before they are allowed access.

              • MUD & DIRT: On muddy or otherwise dirty surfaces (eg paths, patios and drives) hose/jet wash to remove loose material. Then brush Bio Cleanze in to take advantage of it's surfactant qualities.

              Quick tips:

              1) Surfaces vary in porosity – including concrete slabbed paths and patios, brickwork, block drives, wooden sheds and fences – and therefore the cleaning effect of a Bio Cleanze softwash treatment may also vary. This can be especially true for concrete paths and patios that have had their surface layer damaged by high pressure jet washing.

              2) On areas of heavy algae growth, particularly on very porous surfaces when applied at 50:1:

              a) A second treatment after two weeks may be needed
              b) Using a soft brush to work Bio Cleanze into the algae will speed up the cleaning process and make the treatment more effective

              Cleans – Sanitises – Disinfects

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              Container sizes

              You can purchase Bio Cleanze in 1 litre and 5 litre containers.

              NOTE: Benz containers are industrial strength and have been drop-tested. This means they can withstand the sometimes harsh conditions of on-site use, and storage in vans along with other equipment, without splitting.

              Some companies cut corners by supplying weaker containers to make their products seem cheaper. But we believe that the potential health and safety hazards these create, along with the financial cost of leakages, mean they are a false economy.


              • For best results store at approximately 16-20 degrees C (room temperature). Crystallisation may occur if stored for prolonged periods under 10 degrees C but this is usually reversible when warmed.
              • Always store Bio Cleanze in the original containers.
              • Shelf-life is 2 years or more after manufacturing date, when stored in unopened original containers.

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              Delivery Restrictions


              Due to restrictions placed upon us by shipping companies, we are unable to deliver even to some UK offshore locations through our standard shipping arrangements.

              These include (but are not limited to):

              • Isle of Man
              • Isle of Wight
              • Channel Islands
              • Scottish Islands

              Orders placed for these locations, and not previously cleared by us, will unfortunately have to be cancelled. If you have a specific item that you need and live within one of the above areas, feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help you, but do note that surcharges will have to apply.

              Health & Safety Guidelines
              • NEVER pour water into undiluted Bio Cleanze. Half-fill your tank with water, add the required quantity of Bio Cleanze, then complete filling your tank with water.

              • NEVER mix Lightning Cleanze / Tornado Cleanze and Bio Cleanze together as toxic chlorine gas may be produced.

              • ALWAYS thoroughly rinse application equipment and tanks before changing from Lightning Cleanze / Tornado Cleanze to Bio Cleanze and vice-versa.

              • ALWAYS exclude the public, including children and animals, from the working area by barriers, tape and warning signs from areas where spraying, mixing and storage of chemicals is taking place and must continue to be excluded from the working area until it is made safe. If a human or animal comes into contact with a softwash chemical the area of skin contact should be immediately rinsed with copious quantities of fresh water.

              • Contractors should ask their customers if children or animals are on the premises, and advise them on protection procedures, before starting work on their property. Click here to read our guidelines for the safety of children and animals when softwashing with a biocide

              • Surfaces used by children and animals should be treated with Bio Cleanze at a maximum dilution strength of 50:1. Children and animals must be prevented from gaining access to the treated area until the surface is completely dry

              • All pooling must be brushed away or removed from the site – and all treated areas (including roofs and window ledges) allowed to completely dry – before allowing children and animals access to the surface.

              • If working in confined, poorly ventilated areas always wear appropriate respiratory protection (type stated on the Bio Cleanze SDS).

              • The purchaser and end users are responsible for ensuring that our products are used in line with industry Approved Codes of Practice. All operators must be competent in using and applying our products. Always read and comply with the instructions for use on the label, and product information on this website, before use. The purchaser and end user of these products are responsible for complying with the PRCD/HSE code for the safe use of chemicals.

              Safe working practices: When working with chemicals always keep your equipment and personal protection equipment (PPE) clean. Take care to protect yourself from accidental contact with your eyes and skin. We recommend wearing protective gloves, clothing that covers your whole skin surface, and a full face visor that includes protection for your hair. Wash all PPE with fresh water at the end of the working day and before eating, drinking, or smoking.

              Always treat a small test area on a customer's property before using any chemical cleaning product. Obtain your customer's agreement that the result is acceptable and get their permission to continue before cleaning the entire property.

              Always adhere to the SDS. Follow the product labelling instructions, and the product information supplied on this website, to ensure protection of our environment and avoidance of injury to humans and animals.

              Bio Cleanze 50% ddac softwash biocide for treating algae, mould, lichen, etc


              Order Benz softwash chemicals & equipment online or by phone:

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              Ireland and other countries

              Phone: 00353 214 622 978


              Lines open Monday - Friday, 9am – 5pm

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