How to remove rust stains from industrial steel & aluminium cladding

November 14, 2017

How to remove rust stains from industrial steel & aluminium cladding

Using Benz Oxy Cleanze rust removal gel on industrial steel and aluminium cladding

Industrial cladding cleans up well with Benz Lightning Cleanze but sometimes rust stains from steel fittings can detract from an otherwise excellent result.

The picture below shows a typical example of how rust staining can occur on industrial cladding.

Remove rust stains from steel cladding

How we treated the rust stains on this industrial cladding

We first applied Benz Oxy Cleanze by brush and left it to work for two hours. Then we thoroughly rinsed it from the surface of the cladding.

OxyCleanze rust removal gel removes rust stains from steel cladding

Quick tip: Rust marks which have built up over several years will likely take longer to remove and may benefit from gentle agitation immediately before rinsing. Sometimes a second application may be required.

We've never noticed any undesirable bleaching or staining when using Oxy Cleanze rust removal gel on various types of steel and aluminium industrial cladding.

Simply apply to the cladding, leave on for a few hours and rinse off. Depending on the degree of staining allowing an activation time of 12 hours or more can be beneficial.

Avoid applying to cladding during very hot weather so it does not dry out.


Can you use Benz Oxy Cleanze on aluminium cladding?

Yes. Bear in mind though that, if it's bare aluminium, Benz Oxy Cleanze will make it very bright. So treat a small test patch first and get your customer's agreement that the result is satisfactory before treating the whole surface.

If the aluminium cladding is coated with something, uPVC for example, then there should be no problem.

Quick tip: Aluminium dulls with age and oxidation and eventually the bright shiny patch will also dull.

We hope this information was helpful sincerely wish you great success in your soft washing business,

Ben, Leo, Fiona, Stevie & Anthony


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