TRIGGER & POLE BUNDLE : Carbon pole, LP350 trigger, low level lance, spray nozzles and fittings bundle

Ex vat $1,086.00 USD

A complete kit for safely and efficiently applying soft wash chemicals.   

There are many ways to dilute, mix and pump your soft wash chemicals but you will always need a safe and efficient way to apply those chemicals to the surface you want to clean.

The kit connects to your hose reel and consists of:

1. A 30ft carbon fibre telescopic water fed pole (wfp) – which comes with Euro screw thread spigot.

2. A Benz LP-350 progressive trigger fitted with our adjustable pole clamp and bushing.

3. A spray lance for low level, high flow rate work – comes with three nozzle tips: 6.5, 10 and 15.

4. A whip-hose for connecting your spray lances to your hose reel. We will contact you to confirm the correct required attachment for your type of hose reel.