PRESSURE REGULATOR - Stainless steel pressure regulator for protecting Dosatron pumps

£57.00 GBP

Water pressure regulator used to protect Dosatrons from pressure spikes. Made out of corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Factory set to maximum 5 bar. The pressure gauge inlet is supplied blanked off and we recommend it is left this way during normal use.

The restrictor is supplied with a pressure gauge but because of the delicate nature of these gauges we recommend that you do not fit to the restrictor unless adjusting or troubleshooting. The gauge reads 0-1 Megapascals so 0.2 on the gauge is 2 bar, 0.4 is 4 bar and so on.

To adjust, unscrew the bottom cap and use the allen key (provided) to turn up and down the pressure.

We have found that both Dosatrons work well at 5 Bar although this is a over the 4 bar max pressure recommended by Dosatron for the D3 RE25IE so it is recommended to reduce to 4 to keep warranty intact.