DOSATRON D3RE25 - Water powered chemical injector for diluting Lighting Cleanze - 4:1 – 25:1 dilution.

Ex vat $1,526.00 USD

Dosatron suitable for diluting Lightning Cleanze in ratios of 4:1 to 25:1.

This unit is fitted so that when mains or pumped water flow through it and will inject the required dilution of chemical into the water flow.

It provides a safe and efficient means of diluting Lightning Cleanze. The Dosatron D3RE25 can also be used to apply Bio Cleanze but it requires the pre dilution of Bio Cleanze which is why we recommend using a different Dosatron for each type of soft wash chemical.

Ready to attach to trolly, van, trainler, box etc or other bespoke setups.

A degree of competence in the mechanical installation and pipework will be required to install. It is highly recommended that you protect your Dosatron with a pressure regulator to avoid spikes in water pressure damaging the unit.

The unit it fitted with male 3/4 BSP threaded fittings. Inlet and outlet fittings are not included. Unit should be fitted with a 60 Micron (300 mesh) water filter.


Working flow range: 10 - 2000 litres per hour.

Operating pressure 0.5 - 4 Bar (7.35-58.8 psi)

Mix ratio range 1:20 - 1:4  (5 - 25 % )

Min/Max flow: 10 - 3000 Litres per hour

How to apply Bio Cleanze using the D3RE25 Dosatron injection system:

To achieve comparable dilutions of Bio Cleanze, concentrated Bio Cleanze must be pre-diluted prior to using in the Dosatron.

1. Dilute 1L of Bio Cleanze with 4L of water (or 5L Bio Cleanze with 20L water if mixing in a large drum that would normally be used with this Dosatron)

2. Use this mix in the Dosatron set to 9:1 to achieve a comparable strength solution to the 50:1 that we recommend for the Benz “Clean & Maintain” softwash systems.

3. Set the Dosatron to 4:1 to achieve a comparable strength solution to the 25:1 we recommend for the treatment of roofs and render.