BENZ NON-DRIP PLUGS (NDP): For soft washing and window cleaning hoses

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These Non-Drip Plugs work with our Non-Drip Couplings.

When you disconnect them, no water or chemical will exit the plug or coupling – which keeps your van and work clothes dry. 

They impart another level of safety. 

The plugs are fitted to your WFP (Water Fed Pole) by a hose barb, or screwed onto a spray lance or trigger. When connected to a NDC (Non-Drip Coupling) the valve inside the plug will open allowing the free movement of fluid. When disconnected the valve automatically closes.

Ben added these Non-Drip Plugs to all his equipment, from WFP hose to trigger and lance connections.

He has a NDP with 1/4" / 6mm hose tail on all of his water fed poles which use 5mm ID pole hose

He has a NDP with 3/8" / 8mm hose tail on his whip-ends (a whip-end is a lighter, smaller diameter short piece of hose) from his 1/2" / 12.5mm ID soft wash hose to his trigger or lance.

He has a NDP with 3/8" BSP thread on all his triggers and lances as these normally use a BSP fitting.

The Non-Drip Plugs and couplings are universal with only the hose tails being different. This means that a Non-Drip Plug fitted with 1/4" / 6mm whose tail will work with a Non-Drip Coupling fitted with a 1/2" / 12.5mm hose tail.

Quick tip: "ID" means "Inside Diameter". In this context it relates to the inside diameter of the hose that the plug or coupling is fitted to.