External wall insulation cladding: Do you know the best softwash products to clean it?

November 25, 2021

External wall insulation: What are the best soft washing products to clean?

Often used to extend the life of deteriorating older properties, especially concrete buildings when the concrete begins to decay (“concrete cancer”) and make them warmer to live in, external wall insulation cladding is increasingly used in new-build construction.

What is external wall insulation cladding?

External wall insulation is a wall cladding system in which insulated boards are attached to the outside of a building and then coated with render or an acrylic coating.


How to clean external wall insulation cladding?

External wall insulation can be soft washed in the normal way with Benz Lightning Cleanze, Bio Cleanze, Tornado Cleanze or Perma Cleanze.

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Quick tip: If the external wall insulation has been left for a long time without cleaning, then discolouration or “shadows” can remain. It's best practice to let your customers know about this possible outcome of a soft wash treatment before starting work.

Re-coating: STO is one of the leading brands of wall insulation and they suggest occasional re-coating to freshen the look of their cladding, or simply to change the colour. The cladding will require thorough soft washing prior to re-coating to ensure all colonisation by growths such as algae, etc has been killed. If not treated with a quality biocide prior to re-coating, the algae can regrow under the surface of the new coating.

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