What's the best way to clean windows, uPVC frames, gutters, facia & soffit?

August 25, 2021

Using Benz Window Cleanze, window cleaning additive, to clean windows?

Window Cleanze
is a powerful additive specifically designed to enhance the performance of water fed pole window cleaning systems. It's the product of choice for the general cleaning of all glass, as well as uPVC frames, facia, soffit and gutters.

What surfaces can you use Window Cleanze on?

You can use Window Cleanze on all surfaces, including conservatory roofs.

Window Cleanze is perfect for the ongoing, regular maintenance cleaning of uPVC.

Quick tip: When first cleaning uPVC sills, frames, soffit, fascia and gutters that are seriously dirty – with moss, mould, or algae growing on them for example – we recommend a first treatment with Lightning Cleanze diluted 10:1.

If the colonisation is very heavy, a light, gentle and very careful scraping of the growths prior to treating with Lightning Cleanze is usually advisable. And to avoid scratching the surface of uPVC use a nylon scraper blade.

Ongoing, if the uPVC occasionally needs a deeper clean than is possible using Window Cleanze alone, diluting Lightning Cleanze up to 20:1 is often sufficiently strong.

How long does Window Cleanze take to activate?

Allowing it to activate for a short time will enhance its effectiveness, as is the case with all surfactants, but is not essential. 

During the regular maintenance cleaning of windows for example, there is no necessity to allow Window Cleanze extra time to activate. Simply add it to your de-ionised water tank and work normally, treating the sills and frames at the same time as cleaning the windows.

Quick tip: Window Cleanze should be added after your resin filter vessel.

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We hope this information is helpful and sincerely wish you great success in your soft washing business.


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Benz Softwash Bio Cleanze DDAC biocide & Benz Softwash Lightning Cleanze SH sodium hypochlorite biocide

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