How to calculate the coverage of Benz Softwash biocides (video)

June 01, 2023

How to calculate the coverage of Benz softwash biocides (video)

We get asked this question a lot: "How do you calculate the coverage of Benz Biocides so you know exactly the quantity to buy for a given soft washing contract?"

Watch the video below for a simple explanation:


We put the following examples together to help you order the optimum amount of soft washing biocide best suited to the contracts you have and expect to gain.

How to calculate the coverage of Benz Bio Cleanze biocide

1 Litre of undiluted Bio Cleanze makes 40 litres of mix for winter work (40:1) and 50 litres in the summer (50:1).

1 Litre of mix will cover approx 4 square metres. Therefore you can expect 40-50 litres of mix to cover 160 - 200 square metres.

5 litres of Bio Cleanze will clean, roughly:

• Five average driveways and paths around a house

• Or, three large gable ends

• Or, the walls of one large house

• Or, one average roof

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How to calculate the coverage of Benz Lightning Cleanze biocide

30-40 litres will be used by a one-person contractor per day and will treat the elevations of a large detached house, including paths and drive. Small jobs may require as little as 5 litres while large contracts can use up to 100 litres per day.

As a rough guide, 5 litres of undiluted Lightning Cleanze will make 30 litres of mix at 5:1 dilution, which will treat 40-50 square metres of a porous surface and 80-100 square metres at 10:1 dilution of a non-porous surface.

The exact coverage of LIghtning Cleanze depends on:

• The porosity of the surface (think "honeycomb")

• The type and amount of organic material present

• The method of application, ie spray, brush, or watering can.

10 litres of undiluted Lightning Cleanze will make 60 litres of mix at 5:1, which will clean

  • a large gable end.
  • Or, an average 2-car Cobblelock driveway.

10 litres of undiluted Lightning Cleanze will make 110 litres of mix at 10:1.

On smooth surfaces, such as steel cladding, or painted surfaces this will clean roughly 300 square metres.

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We hope this information is helpful and sincerely wish you great success in your soft washing business,

Benz Team

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