BENZ HP-4000 WFP PRESSURE WASHING CONVERSION KIT: Enables water fed poles to be used for pressure/power washing

€570.00 EUR

This carbon fibre water fed pole conversion kit consists of:

  • A HP-4000 trigger
  • Patent pending pole clamp and bushing assemblies
  • Lightweight high pressure pole hose to connect the trigger to the top spigot
  • Top pole section spigot


To make sure you order the correct fittings for your set up:

1. Choose the best inlet fitting to suit your pressure washing hose connections: 1/4BSP, 3/8th BSP or 1/2BSP

2. Choose the pole type: Gardiner, Facelift, or OVA 8 

3. Choose the pole size: 20ft, 25ft, 30ft, 35ft, 40ft, etc

4. Add to shopping cart


Quick tips:

If you would like to add accessories, like the angled quick release coupling or double rinsing nozzle, then visit the links below and add them to shopping cart.

2) You will need to remove the top section of your pole.

3) It's simple and easy to switch over from a window cleaning pole to pressure washing pole, and vice-versa, and only takes about 5 minutes. So you don't need to buy a second pole to use our power washing conversion kit.


Shipping is free. Any accessories you add to the cart will be combined and shipped free of charge with the conversion kit.

A carbon fibre pole is not included.

Angled quick release coupling and double rinsing nozzle 

Please email us if you cannot find the combination or pole type you are looking for.

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 Patent application number: GB2102925.1.