22, November, 2016

What's the Best Way to Remove Lichen by Soft Washing? (video)

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Customers have asked us for our suggestions on the best way to remove lichen.

Lichen are the round white, brown, yellow and black spots that power washing alone will not remove. They grow on slate and concrete tiled roofs, as well as on concrete paths and monoblock drives.

And they can be very tough to remove.

Watch this video to learn the most effective way to remove lichen (scroll down to read our written response)

Our written response:

Lichen grow into, and attach themselves to, the surfaces of roofs, paths and walls.

The best way to remove lichen is to first kill it by treating with Benz Blackwash.

Follow this soft washing treatment with a light pressure wash.

Then treat with Benz Biocidal Wash.

The combination of Benz Blackwash followed by a light pressure wash will remove the majority of lichen.

Then Benz Biocidal Wash will work through time – from 6 weeks to 6 months depending on the local environment and prevailing weather – to remove any remaining lichen.

Biocidal Wash offers powerful, long-term "residual biocide protection" against the regrowth of lichen. 


We hope this post has been helpful and wish you great soft washing success,

Ben & Leo

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