Great news for GB (England, Scotland, Wales) soft washing contractors!

January 18, 2022

Great news for GB (England, Scotland, Wales) soft washing contractors

The good news is that our GB customers no longer have to checkout in Euros. We know the challenges you've faced with Benz Softwash being based in Ireland. And thank you for staying with us for the last 7 years during the cross-border challenges posed by the various legislative, shipping and technical systems. We really, really appreciate that.

And to make your life considerably easier and simpler from now on, we've created a brand-new website dedicated to serving soft washing contractors based in England, Scotland and Wales (i.e. Great Britain, GB).

Click here to visit our new GB website and discover how easy and simple it is to checkout chemical softwash products directly in £GBP and get your receipt in £GBP

Or, copy and paste this link into your Internet browser:

Quick tips:

1) GB customers can still checkout on our international website in Euros or £GBP – just as you have been doing. 

2) All softwash equipment sales continue to be via our international website: 

3) Our informative soft washing how-to pages and Trade Tips posts continue to be hosted on our international website, to serve our growing numbers of customers located in countries around the world: 

4) Customers in Northern Ireland (NI): Unfortunately, due to the ongoing legal issues around Brexit and HM Customs, we must ask you to please continue to checkout on

We hope this information is helpful and sincerely wish you great success in your soft washing business,

Ben, Leo, Fiona, Stevie & Anthony


Click here to explore all Benz softwash cleaning chemicals & equipment

Benz Softwash Bio Cleanze DDAC biocide & Benz Softwash Lightning Cleanze SH sodium hypochlorite biocide


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