How long will a soft wash treatment last? (video)

May 26, 2015 2 Comments

How long do surfaces stay clean after soft washing?


The speed at which unwanted biological growths appear on a surface depends on the extent of it’s exposure to sun, rain and wind.

No biocide can immunise the surface from re-colonisation forever. Therefore re-treatment will eventually be necessary.

 Watch the video below in which Ben explains the reasons why surfaces remain clean for varying times after soft washing ...

The first treatment will kill most spores that live in crevices, cracks and roofing laps.
Their reproductive cycle is thus stopped, which means any re-contamination will mostly be from new airborne spores or from water seeping in from contaminated areas.

Because Benz Bio Cleanze kills the original spores – and imparts a degree of residual protection from re-colonisation – its use results in surfaces that often stay cleaner 2-500% longer than from power/pressure washing alone.

Benz Lightning Cleanze produces a clean surface almost instantaneously and kills the spores (unlike power/pressure washing which cannot kill spores).

It offers a fast way to produce the clean surface customers want. Then a post-treatment with Bio Cleanze ensures the surface will stay clean for as long as possible.

A fresh treatment, usually of Bio Cleanze, will be needed when growths eventually return. But the residual protection offered by Bio Cleanze means that surfaces treated with Lightning Cleanze will stay cleaner for longer. 

The two products complement each other. We often use Lightning Cleanze on first cleans to remove the heavy build-up of biological colonisation that is inevitable when properties are neglected.

Quick tip:
Some growth, such as lichen, grow slowly. So re-treatment may not be required for a considerable time, sometimes several years. 

Whereas surfaces that do not self-drain, such as most paths, patios and drives, will be much more prone to faster re-colonisation. These surfaces may need re-treating with Bio Cleanze every 6-12 months to keep them perpetually clean and free from re-colonisation.

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We hope this information is helpful and sincerely wish you great success in your soft washing business,

Ben, Leo, Fiona, Stevie & Anthony

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April 26, 2021

Hi Lee, please copy & paste this link into your browser to learn about soft washing both dry and wet pebble dash:,page,article&q=dash*

Lee Hensey
Lee Hensey

April 26, 2021

Hello do you do soft wash on pebble dash house that has red algae

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