GARDINER WATER FED POLES: For soft washing and window cleaning

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    We've extensively tested the Gardiner CLX, SLX and Xtreme range of poles.

    Please note that not all lengths are available for each type of pole. For example, a 25 foot pole is only available in the SLX and Xtreme range – not the CLX – which is the reason that our ordering system will show the 25 foot option crossed out if the CLX is selected.

    Delivery: Orders for water fed poles will be sent directly from Gardiners themselves or their agent. Other equipment and chemical products that you order will arrive separately.

    CLX – 50/50 carbon fibre/glassfibre. Not as light or rigid as the SLX but a good economical pole which is fine for everyday lower-level soft washing and window cleaning.

    This is a good starter pole for two-story render and below treatment work.

    Quick tip: This pole is not suitable for roof scraper work because in our experience it is too flexible.

    The 4 foot pole is an excellent choice when working from a cherry picker.

    CLX poles do not come with a brush as standard. Please select our Vikan brush, or email us to add a brush to your order.

    SLX – 100% carbon fibre. A soft washing and window cleaning workhorse. Not as light or rigid as the Xtreme but a very good pole for everyday soft washing and window cleaning.

    It is hardwearing and with a working reach up to 52ft (actual reach depends upon the selected pole).  Bens favourite size is 30ft and has stood up well over several years of hard use.

    The SLX comes complete with free 26 inch flocked sill brush with a "Quick Loc" angle adaptor (Quick Loc is Gardiner's brush attachment system).

    XTREME – A High Modulus (63.3MSI) carbon fibre telescopic pole that is strong, light and rigid. This pole can dramatically reduce fatigue and physical strain on the user when engaged in prolonged periods of high-level work.

    It can impart massive time savings and give increased productivity. Ben uses a 47ft Xtreme for treating chimneys from the ground and two-story dormer windows, uPVC and render without the need to set up a scaffold tower or work from a ladder. 

    Quick tip 1: This pole is not as hard wearing as the SLX and needs to be treated with care, and well-maintained, to endure the punishment of everyday soft washing.

    It cannot be used with a Vikan brush because the brush is too heavy for the thinner and lighter walled pole sections.

    For soft washing, which can be hard on poles and equipment, we suggest using this pole only for high level and/or awkward work. This is where you will feel the benefit of the pole's light and rigid construction.

    Quick tip 2: The Gardiner Xtreme will however stand up to day in, day out use as window cleaning water fed pole, the use for which it was originally designed.

    A high-quality pole is a sound investment that will pay you back several times over, both financially and through safeguarding your physical well-being.

    The Xtreme comes complete with a free 26-inch flocked sill brush with a "Quick Loc" angle adaptor (Quick Loc is Gardiner's brush attachment system).