BENZ SOFTWASH RINSING NOZZLES: The professional's choice of softwash rinsing nozzle

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    These popular rinsing nozzles comprise a wide angle fan jet combined with a 3mm orifice shooter tip.

    For ease of use they are welded together. This means you can quickly and easily swap between the wide angle fan and the shooter tip simply by plugging them into a 1/4" quick release stainless steel coupling.

    Benz rinsing nozzles work well with most quality pressure/power washers and high flow rate electric or petrol softwash pumps.

    The wide angle fan is superb for rinsing all renders, such as K Rend, Weber, sand & cement – as well as most other surfaces, e.g. pvc/upvc gutters, soffit, Kingspan industrial metal cladding, etc.

    Unlike traditional pressure washing tips the force of the water will not damage the substrate. At the same time they provide a sufficiently high flow rate to rinse dead growths from a surface after you've soft washed it.

    As the name suggests, the shooter tip shoots water from a lance, situated at ground level, up to two stories high, including to the top of an average gable-end. This makes them highly effective for bulk rinsing surfaces.